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  1. larapistols

    End Of The World

    I was 11 when I wrote this, I'm 23 now and I'm still so proud lmaoooo.
  2. larapistols

    Remake of old games

    Not sure if you're aware, but someone on YouTube named Nicobass is remaking TR2 on Unreal Engine 4, have a look!
  3. larapistols

    E3 2015 Live Coverage media and Info

    Great coverage Tom! I have a BURNING question, will there be dual pistols? I was surprised that they were not implemented in the last Tomb Raider game. They are her signature weapons!
  4. Hey guys! quick question, does anyone remember the user Gia? She was an admin I believe on the forums many years ago. Anyone remember her? She was such a sweet gal.
  5. larapistols

    AOD Mac Issue

    I tried playing Tomb Raider AOD today and was stunned to see an error message! PowerPC application no longer supported' errorI was simply horrified. I have a Mac with Yosemite installed. I purchased the game in 2013, anyone know a fix for this?
  6. larapistols

    imac performance

    I am planning on getting an imac with my work money, but i am not sure how tomb raider underworld will perform. The reason i am getting a mac is because i want better performance, and a better computer. How do you think an imac will perform with tomb raider underworld? : )
  7. larapistols

    Funny Animated Lara Croft !!

    That was AWESOME! I wonder what he/she used to make the video
  8. larapistols

    CAN you get outside of croft manor house??

    Sorry but you can't. That is a reall shame because I really wanted to go ouside and practice.
  9. larapistols

    Post your outfit

    heres my new outfit!, I put a new shirt on and her nails and her lips.
  10. larapistols

    Post your outfit

    Wow those are great! sorry I havne't posted some in awhile. I will post some when I find more pics
  11. larapistols

    Post your outfit

    wow that looks great!!
  12. larapistols

    Post your outfit

    another lol http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l17/lara...outfits/gfg.jpg
  13. larapistols

    Some of My TR Photoshop Work

    wow those are amazing!!
  14. larapistols

    Post your outfit

    I made another one http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l17/lara.../outfits/ff.jpg
  15. larapistols

    Playing dress up

    they all look great!!