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  1. #1) I play FF on PS2 #2) Tell us about how you came across FF for the first time. A Friend in highskool was playing it wen we were spose to be having a Tekken nite =) #3) FFV111 was the first FF game I played. #4) FFX was the first FF game I passed. #5) Name your top 3 favorite FF games. -FFX -FFV111 -FFall of em after 7 #6) Which FF game was your least favorite? Why? FFX-2 was ok-isk but rather different in terms of the characters personalities especially Yuna's changed completly! #7) FFX was the easiest for me because it had the best and easiest fighting techniques. #8) FF V111 was a challenge for me because maybe i was younger at the time and it was the 1st one i played. #9) How often did you have to use a walkthrough/strategy guide? Not that much! ive only used it in 10 and 10-2 #10) Were you always doing sidequests in FF games? Yeppo #11) Cloud or Tidus.......Tidus! (hes a bit dorky when he laughs tho) #12) FF ____ was the creepiest and often made me jump. .... None #13) Which FF game was the one that you enjoyed playing the most? Why? Prolly FFX coz ive played it 5 times over and i love Blitzball its easy now! #14) The hardest boss in FF7 was __________ because _________. None really #15) The hardest boss in FF8 was __________ because _________. I love that game! Omega weapon for sure! #16) The hardest boss in FF9 was __________ because _________. Didnt play much of that one still gotta get round to it #17) The hardest boss in FFX was __________ because _________. The dark Aeons, Seymour (at 1st) but then he got easier the nex time round also the blue blob in Macalania Woods. #18) The hardest boss in FFX-2 was __________ because _________. None that game is rather easy but i havent finished it yet i guess im nearly there tho.
  2. Excellent game but sorry cant help ya there Good memories wif that game!
  3. They are both awesome i love the konquests! Plus Mileena is mah fave fighter i use her everytime If ur into fighting games they are a deffinate to get!
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