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  1. oooh! if we weren't so busy...we could have met up for another pint (or two) in good old blighty! have fun in the UK c u soon x
  2. what a philosophy in your profile picture! very nice....

  3. Went to see 'Up' on Sunday - omg, what a fantastic movie - I really wasn't expecting it to move me, but move me it did. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend
  4. Love your personal pic!

  5. It is indeed a lengthy book, as were the earlier ones - It could still easily be condensed into 1 movie and for a final movie, I'd happily sit through 3.5 hrs. What will happen is they'll drag out some of the unnecessary features to span it over 2 and this is what I don't agree with.
  6. We saw it at the weekend and loved it too! I don't agree with the 'making 2 movies from one book' ending though - that's just pure greed if you ask me. I also watched Iron Man on DVD last night - didn't think i'd like it but I thought it was great, Robert Downey Jr is just luscious.
  7. my god, I go away for a while myself and the prodigal long lost son returns!! Welcome back Jimbo from your Mum welcome back TRF too!
  8. have a great time Ange! We just had a nice weekend in York and the girls went to London to see the Killers in Hyde Park. looking forward to 28th Aug when we fly off for a 5 night stay in New York!!
  9. Yep, we enjoyed this one too - although some parts were hilarious particularly the speaking goat part! good stuff - looking forward to Harry Potter this month
  10. I can't remember the last time I logged into chat - there never seems to be anyone there. There was a time (about 2003/4 I think) when there was always someone in to chat to. We used to have some laughs in there!
  11. Well, I haven't seen that one yet - but I did go to see Knowing yesterday - I really enjoyed it overall although it is just slightly over the top towards the end and really loud in parts, one part in particular where the aircraft crashes down onto the motorway scared me to death - lol! I would recommend however, it's worth seeing imho.
  12. so glad I didn't watch this on IMAX now this is what I call a Superhero movie - not like that crappy TDK and boring Superman Returns hmmmmm - I may just have to go and see this one!
  13. oh dear oh dear oh dear.. I'm currently up to Valhalla on the PS2 and having trouble swingin off the blinkin hammer -I don't really know why I'm bothering with the game - throughout the game up to now, I've only killed a few guys, a panther, some sort of troll (which was quite scarey) but no spiders!!!! now for me, that's a good thing because I hate spiders,but I haven't once jumped out of my seat which I have on all previous TR's and it must be easy because I've played up to now WITHOUT a walkthrough. It's as if they've taken the environments from the WII game, taken out any puzzles and twists and enemies and brought it out as an acceptable format - well, it's not acceptable really - I'm pretty sure they could have done better.
  14. I bought my PS2 version from Asda online for the bargain price of £12.97 - but I think it was a one-day only offer cos it's now selling for £17.97.
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