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    PC hardware requirements

    Hi Stellalune - thank you so much for pointing me to this link - it was very helpful! I found out that my system won't run Rise, so I guess I'll have to plan on saving my pennies for a new system. Thanks again - you were a big help!
  2. Apocryphile

    PC hardware requirements

    I don't know much about computers, and don't know my specs for the desktop PC I have, but can anyone tell me whether this game requires more hardware 'muscle' than the 2013 game did, whether in terms of a more robust graphics card (or anything else?) The 2013 game ran fine on my current PC, except for some rare slowdowns/glitches. TIA
  3. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a glitch at the Chasm Ziggurat, where Lara is trying to fire a rope arrow into the portion of climbable rock that has just been made accessible by a lightning strike? Each time I shoot the arrow at the section of rock, Lara will hunch down to protect herself from the fierce wind blowing through the tower instead of tying the rope to the anchor post. No matter how close I am or on what side of the post, she will not tie up the rope. Since I think this is the only way forward, I'm stuck at this point unless I can figure out what is causing the glitch. Is she maybe just cold, and in need of a bomber jacket or something? Would that even solve the problem? In any event, I can't get back to a camp to even put on the jacket at this point.