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    Sam's eyes (spoiler alert)

    It's definitely not the light shining from above. Could've been an after effect, but it's really very clear to see (on a desktop-pc or bigger screen, but also on my phone). P.S. You can choose HD from the settings menu at the bottom of the You Tube video screen ;-)
  2. Ria_A

    Sam's eyes (spoiler alert)

    Take a look at this video (for instance): http://youtu.be/G7v53Mft70U and take a close look at Sam's close-up from 01.56-02.03. It's an xbox-clip, but on the ps4 her eyes looked exactly like that.
  3. SPOILER!!! Only read this if you've completed the game. Did anyone notice a change in Sam's eyes? Her eye colour is brown, but In the end movie, when you see her in close up while she's saying "you've saved me, I knew you would" to Lara, you can see her eyes are sort of blueish grey. Does that mean she has a little piece of Himiko inside of her? What do you guys think?