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  1. Izzy41

    Endurance Mode

    Wondering if anyone else is still enjoying playing Endurance Mode? I'm playing on XBox 360, which has been very glitchy, although the last patch helped, but I'd be interested in chatting to anyone playing on PC to see if my updated version is how it's supposed to be or if I'm still experiencing bugs. I'm particularly interested in knowing if anyone is constantly finding crypts empty. It's driving me crazy to survive 10 days, find 6 crypts but only have 5 artifacts, because I climb all the way down and find even the main chamber empty.
  2. Where exactly do you get stuck? I haven't been totally specific in the spoiler above, mainly because I'm relying on my (geriatric) memory.
  3. The lock pick is a reward for completing a mission in the Soviet Facility. Well worth doing the missions for the extra kit!
  4. Izzy41

    Remake of old games

    Oh, my goodness, the Opera House! And think how crazy Floating Islands would look with updated graphics. I'd buy an update of any TR game. I've played them all so many times and I'd love a fresh take. I wondered if an upcoming game might revisit Egypt as that's always been a classic part of TR, but I don't know how this would work with the new format where the game is contained within its own little microcosm.
  5. Nice to see a "Happy Birthday Lara Croft" message on the load screen when I was playing ROTTR today. Given that when I first started playing TR, Lara had the same birth year as me (making her forty-*cough*-something) she's looking remarkable good for her age!
  6. It was fun to go back with my upgraded bow later on. Two good poison arrows took that sucker out!
  7. If you're in Siberian Wildnerness, you can go back and use your axe on the stump near the camp if you haven't already. There are mushrooms in the big cave near the Trinity camp and another stump outside on the path to the bear cave. Other than that, it's keeping your eyes peeled as you play and building up your inventory. You can use regular arrows to fight the bear - it just takes longer. I ended up running out of the cave, across the clearing and part way down the path back to the main area. The bear would rise up and roar, but not follow, allowing me to get a few more arrows into him, and then he'd lumber back to his cave, which meant I could go and lure him out again and repeat the process until he died.