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  1. rufinoman2

    Can't find more mushroom spawns

    I found that standing on the nearby rock helped with the bear, although you have to be quick jumping onto it.
  2. Do you mean that rolling back to the beta version made you lose the DLC? How about if you rolled back, as I did, find a base camp to save your progress, and then reverted to the current version of the game? I'm guessing here, but it seems a logical step to try.
  3. rufinoman2

    Merry Christmas from Alabama

    Merry Christmas from a hot and humid Buenos Aires, where I've actually managed to find some English ale!
  4. rufinoman2

    Can't equip classic TR outfits

    Ha ha Blimey, that never occurred to me at all, so I'll give it a try. Thanks to both.
  5. I've read a few guides that say the classic outfits like TR 2 don't need any special crafting or whatever, but when I select them, the equip option doesn't appear. I've completed all the main storyline and am at 69% completion, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something here.
  6. This one took me a while because there are levers to push and pull and without spoiling it, I found that I had to use a combination of W and left arrow keys together. This is because I've remapped many of my key bindings, so it was trial and error. I'm also glad that this tomb wasn't on a timer. Now that would have been challenging.
  7. During the last major boss fight, I noticed some weird artefacting with little green, red and white pixels appearing on screen. I know my system is up to playing the game since it's a new Ryzen 2600X/RX580 build. Anyway, this was only happening when DirectX 12 was selected in the options menu, and yet DX11 was just fine. I posted the problem in the Steam forums and SE said they would look into it, but I'm not sure that they have yet. The solution is to turn SMAA to normal, ie not SMAA 2 or above, or simply disable it. Actually, there's not a huge performance difference between DX11 and 12, so it's a little moot really. Here's a video of the glitching.
  8. All you can do is try. Maybe get through the weird wall, then find a base camp where you game will be saved. I don't have that DLC, so I don't know for sure.
  9. I finally set Lara free!
  10. I found a solution on the Steam forum! This does work and the invisible wall is no longer there
  11. Here's another instance of the bug, this time from the other side and it's proving to be a cul de sac in many cases, because if you're stuck inside, you can't progress.
  12. Thanks for all your helpful replies. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this bug. I'm on PC by the way.
  13. I just rescued someone from prison by diverting the guards in Hidden City and now I need to rescue Colqui, outside the walls but I can't get out. Every time I go for the exit, there's an invisible wall. If I reload a checkpoint, of course I'm still within the walls and I can't use fast travel because there aren't any base camps in the Hidden City, as far as I know. Anyone know of a solution please? Here's a video which shows the problem
  14. rufinoman2

    22 years today October 25th 1996

    I still play TR2 from time to time and love it. In fact, it's one of the first games I ever played on a PC.
  15. Hi everyone. I'm back following a visit to the UK and hope to visit the forum more often in future, especially now that Shadow has been released and I'm loving it.