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  1. rufinoman2

    22 years today October 25th 1996

    I still play TR2 from time to time and love it. In fact, it's one of the first games I ever played on a PC.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm back following a visit to the UK and hope to visit the forum more often in future, especially now that Shadow has been released and I'm loving it.
  3. rufinoman2

    What next???

    More to the point and since it's been said that Shadow is the last of the reboot (or words to that effect), what kind of Lara will arrive in the next incarnation? There's been talk of her having a family, but my feeling is that she'll become more troubleshooter, she'll explore more urban environments and be a go-to person for solving ancient mysteries, often being dragged out of retirement, which is maybe where a Lara daughter comes in. I'd like to see her parkouring around London, New York and Paris, like she did in AOD, Legend and TR3(?) and become more high-tech, with newer weapons and gadgets, now that we've passed the re-born stage. I think the formula will remain the same - the combat etc - why break it if it works? But the series does need a dramatic shift in direction and needs to be more tuned with the modern world that gamers can attune to. Either way, I'll still play TR, wherever Lara happens to go or become.
  4. After all the waiting, not to mention all that timed exclusive nonsense, I got the pleasant surprise of receiving Rise as a Steam gift from my editor which means writing a review for the PC version. All timed very nicely to coincide with my new GTX970 and SSD, on which the game runs like honey.
  5. rufinoman2

    Ps4 owners read this plz!

    The real battle is with Xbox/PS4 and when MS realised that sales weren't stellar from November on Xbox, they're hand was forced, hence the early release on PC. We have nothing to thank MS/Square Enix for, they're just playing the numbers game and will do everything to discourage sales of PS4, at least from MS' point of view.
  6. rufinoman2

    Remake of old games

    TR2 remake for me. Remember what a great job they did with Anniversary? TR2 was and is, a hard game and I can't remember how many times I've played it.
  7. Thanks for the pleasant welcome! I'm finding it hard to tear myself away from Rise, to be honest.
  8. Thanks Tom. I too have a few 3dfx machines, one with Voodoo 2 in sli which I still use for TR2 and Half Life.
  9. Long time TR fan here and playing since 97/98 in the days of 3DFX. My day job is running a PC repair shop where I also build gaming machines and write articles about gaming and other off topic stuff at Daves Computer Tips. I usually follow TR news and stuff through Stella's page, which is without doubt the best TR resource on the net. I also used to post on Katie's TR forum till it closed. Some may know me by my real name, Marc. I've only just installed ROTTR and it's blown me away. Great game.