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  1. Apart from outfit restrictions being lifted, if you own the season pass, what else does this edition offer? Graphical improvements? New tombs? I don't think so and it's a shame SE couldn't have come up with a surprise for this edition.
  2. Is there a bug in this level, or is it me? I've got to the second level where platforms circle around and I shoot the rope at the bucket, shoot the witch to make sure she can't cut the rope and she gets reeled in. The trouble is that the lever to open the fireburner doesn't work, i.e. there's no press E appearing, even if I holster my weapon. Could be me of course, because sometimes the lever hint appears and sometimes it doesn't. Edit In Stella's guide, she says that once a burning vat is used, the lever can't be used again, if i understand correctly. Last paragraph, boss fight middle level. I had missed the lever which unlocks the second set of floating islands and managed to get to the top level, so please ignore this
  3. He was really mean in The Hitcher and I never forgot that film, just for his menacing presence.
  4. Any thing new would be welcome as I really enjoyed all those DLCs
  5. I'd like to see a more global aspect to the next game and for Lara to be a bit more grown up and not so soft. She needs to mature and be grittier and tougher. And perhaps ditch the ponytail.
  6. Tougher stories and a grittier Lara would do it for me. She's not a kid any more, but still behaves like a 14 year old. And yes, ditch Jonah.
  7. This is my go-to game on long haul flights, until I fall asleep.Passes the time wonderfully.
  8. Some keen eyed observations there and nicely written with a hint of satire.
  9. I remapped AIM to the left ALT button but kept the middle button for making fire/crazy arrows, as pressing the right mouse button and middle button at the same time was almost impossible.
  10. I bought the base game when it came out and waited for things to settle down a bit, so on Friday I bought the Croft Edition, which includes the season pass and a whole lot of other lovely stuff from the deluxe edition. This made a lot of sense for me, because Steam works massively in my favour on the local currency exchange rate, so I ended up paying about US$6. Anyway, I can now enjoy many more hours of fun in Shadow and it's rekindled my interest. Nothing worse than wandering around an empty Lara universe.
  11. I found that standing on the nearby rock helped with the bear, although you have to be quick jumping onto it.
  12. Do you mean that rolling back to the beta version made you lose the DLC? How about if you rolled back, as I did, find a base camp to save your progress, and then reverted to the current version of the game? I'm guessing here, but it seems a logical step to try.
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