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  1. After finally reaching the Ziggurat Chasm, and finding the battle with the giant and others way too frustrating and unsuccessful over many days, I chose to use a save file to the end of this battle. Unfortunately, and although being forewarned, I ended up with corrupt files and my last save (in the #99 slot) was unusable. When restarting the game, I was thrown back to Shantytown, "Area 15"! Now I'd like to know if there's a way to get a save file for the last area (Ziggurat Chasm) again and retry finishing the battle, instead of playing all the previous levels again? I'd rather battle it o
  2. Stellalune -- thanks, again for those guides and videos -- finally got out of that zone (was quite claustrophobic!) -- but now, I'm in what seems to be the "slipperiest slope" of the whole game! Is anyone else having an extremely frustrating time using a PC, mouse and keyboard (Windows 8) in the Chasm shrine trying to leap from the rope lantern to the climbing wall to get to the other side!?? Every time (and it's been thousands!) I attempt this using the arrows on the keyboard and space (jump) key, she swings to nearly the wall and falls! I hope there is a "save" file to enable skipping over
  3. Going up and down, round and round and not able to move forward from this area (where 4 "gears" need to be deactivated) == if there's a step-by-step video or text guide, would really appreciate it -- it's baffling me for days..
  4. Thanks, again, so much, Stellalune, for your very helpful video-walk through! I've followed it and finally reached the next area...hopefully, will continue on to the "finale" of this excellent, and very challenging and absorbing, game!
  5. Thanks Stellalune for your advice -- however, after I searched all over this area for access or ways to climb up to the dangling platform, still cannot get up there -- it could be a glitch with my copy of the game! When I look at all the walkthroughs and screenshots you've offered links to -- and others in a general Googlesearch, no screenshots look very much like my area (in one picture, the crate she's able to stand on to leap to the hanging "ladder" is in another section of the room and can't be pushed). Is there a way I could "skip" this part and re-enter outside this area? Thanks, agai
  6. I've completed the battle in this area and am now inside the bunker looking for ways out -- but nothing seems to work, including the roped door, which I pulled slightly open and cannot go through when I jump and grab it from below. Tried grenades on doors, floors, every possible barrier! Please tell me what i may be overlooking or not using!?
  7. At the Solarii base -- so many attack in "waves" -- very frustrating, even when dodging flames and bullets, throwing grenades and flaming arrows or using big guns, she ends up either burning up or overtaken -- any good suggestions for best strategy to get through this part?
  8. Well, it happens that, finally, after a few more parachuting attempts, I landed (from the "frying pan into the fire" actually!) So, the lesson learned is that persistence, practice and focus does bring the player forward in this game! Still, good to know there are "shortcuts" and other ways to unravel the knots..................Enjoy game-playing and good luck to all!
  9. Hi, Stellalune -- I tried the first (graphics settings) approach, but that didn't change anything, so I clicked on that link you showed me for "save files" --- when I try to use that link, I'm taken to "Winzip" to extract the file (but where does this file go in order to affect this part of the game?) I assume this link will take me past this parachuting episode and relocate me to the next "safe" level?! Thanks again for your patience and help!
  10. Thanks, Tom and Stellalune, for your suggestions -- will try those and hopefully continue the game without any more thorny snags!
  11. Are any other players using PC (Windows 8) via Steam having very great difficulty getting through the Mountain Descent phase when Lara's parachuting through a tangled puzzle of trees!? No matter how I press left-right keys on keyboard, she just keeps getting stabbed by branches and has to go weaving at high speed through this! Anyone have a "code" or detailed steps (or better yet, a way to skip over this frustrating scene!?
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