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    Need TB help

    the game for sure was released between 1996 and 2000 but not sure exactly what year was it, i played it on PC windows 98 .. I probably am not remembering the details right and I never found anything like i described on the web which is weird . I am sorry if it's an unreasonable thread , but i thought maybe someone would know . The CD of the game was gifted by a close friend who was obsessed with Tomb Raider , and who sadly passed away , I am gathering memories and can't find the CD
  2. disturbia3

    Need TB help

    I have a question and this might not be the place in the news section but i found no other appropriate section .. please guys there is an installment of tomb raider that i can't track from my childhood i hope i can find help in which one is it depending on what i remember from it : 1- I believe it was a picture level (a training level) .. i might be wrong 2- there were dinosaurs from the very beginning of the level and there was a tree house (House in trees to be more specific) 3- i believe I had no guns in the beginning I tracked all the classics but couldn't run and try them myself on windows 7 , but descriptions and walkthrough didn't ring a bell on what i am looking for , it's like it never existed .. anyone please ?