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  1. I've tried searching the forum, other TR sites, Google, et al, but cannot find any other mention of this. I'm playing TRL on Windows 10 Professional 64, Xbox 1 Game Pad, digital copy on Steam. In Croft Manor, in the Gym, there is a ladder that swings out and moves a platform. Every time I get to the last jump before the ladder, Lara jumps but hits and "invisible wall", won't grab the ladder, and falls to the ground. If I swing the ladder against the wall, she will make the jump and grab the ladder, but climb it in mid air, as if it is protruding. The platform has been moved back to the center of the room so she can't reach it with the ladder flush against the wall. I've tried playing Croft Manor all the way through from scratch, no Reward Saves, played the Gym early, played it last, and it doesn't matter. Anyone else run into this glitch?I've tried to find a mod to left her fly, but from what I can tell, they aren't compatible with the Steam Version. Buyer Beware: these pristine Steam TR files aren't so pristine. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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