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  1. The Hardest boss. Well that has to be the Sea Serpent. I really struggled with that one. Try as I might I just couldn't get the last cage to fall. But then it all went according to plan he was finally dead. Takamoto gave me huge problems but there again 1 time I tried it all went right and he was beaten. Rutland was the easiest 4 well aimed grenades and he was toast. The Entity well once I'd fathomed it out what I had to do he also was defeated. Amanda and the Entity well I struggled a bit there but after 3 maybe 4 attempts they were defeated. Its one hell of a good game and I enjoyed playing it especially the motorbike chases. Those were fun and adrenalin filled. Especially the 2nd one with the train. Great game all round and worthy of a replay at a later date.
  2. A brilliant game and very challenging indeed. I found the boss fights fun and games. The hardest one I think has to be the Serpent it took me quite a lot of attempts to finally nail that last bell and see the Serpent die. Its definitely got replay value at a later date of course. Now I've beaten it and seen the credits roll I feel a little sad that its over but mighty relieved that its another game I have beaten. Underworld was another I went through from start to finish and The last revelation I managed to also finish but only by skipping a few levels. Last anniversary well I'm stuck on the Centaurs bit struggling to do that one. Tomb raider 2013 I gave up on having got stuck unable to get past all those soldiers in the Throne room. Tomb raider 3 got to the end but unable to beat Willard. Oh the joys of the Tomb raider games I love em.
  3. Phew at last the Serpent is defeated. It was a hard battle and took me umpteen attempts. I could do 3 bells and the left one on the bridge gave me the most trouble time and time again but I eventually got it so hey ho onwards and upwards
  4. Yeah I'm on with that Serpent now had a dummy run to suss out what to do. I think I have the idea now so hopefully beat it.
  5. Oh man was that some battle it took me I'd day a dozen times before I finally snagged the Sword fragment. That was a battle and a half and good fun as well.
  6. Yeah the old adrenalin was pumping
  7. Oh man that was some long and mean ride. Phew I'm exhausted after that I thought it was never gunna end lol. Caught the train in time.
  8. Yeah that's exactly how I did it this time. It also helped having more health packs in reserve though I think I only used 1 to top up.
  9. What can I say Rutland went down on the 2nd attempt 4 or 5 Grenades and he was gone. Certainly much easier than Takamoto. Who's next for Lara's wrath
  10. Bought it through Steam.
  11. At long last he is dead. Been trying for weeks and just couldn't beat him. In fact I restarted the game and made sure I was well stocked up. My heart was pounding determination won through. Now I can relax till Rutland comes along. Walkthrough makes it sound like I'm in for one heck of a tussle when I get to him lol.
  12. Thanks. Have resumed Tomb Raider Anniversary. Managed to beat that pesky T-Rex after weeks of trying
  13. Phew I finally made it to the end once again. It was almost as hard as the first time except I had most of the treasures. Couldn't find a few though despite following the walkthrough to the letter. I did find a few that I'd not found 1st time through. Also I found this time the Helhiem Portal room a real challenge as the damned Thralls kept re spawning which made crossing the pool somewhat hard but I kept at it and made it through. I also found the last level easier than the first time went through it really quick. Its a damned good game. Back to trying Tomb Raider 3 now for 2nd time.
  14. Thanks. Trying to find the treasure I've missed is a chore. Followed the walkthrough very careful too.
  15. I dunno if its a Glitch or what but I'm on the 2nd time through the game new game selected and I noticed on the Mediterranean Sea level it showed me as having found 23/26 Treasures. Its the same on other levels too. I find pots and kick them all and no treasure. Its kind of weird.
  16. Thanks for that info I'll look in to it.
  17. Its ok. Have thought about it all and to upgrade everything would more than likely cost more than it would to buy a new computer. This one is only 9 months old so I guess I'll make do and just cant play this and any other new Tomb Raider games. Besides that I can't afford a new computer any way. Thanks for your help on this matter all the same its much appreciated
  18. Not sure without looking under the bonnet so to speak. Looking at the back there's only one slot that the monitor plugs in to HDMI lead slot.
  19. Tweaked the settings and it seems ok now.
  20. Tomb raider Underworld plays fine for me but when I get to the Cracken area and go to the left in order to drag the cog off the spindle the game keeps crashing and I get a message. "A problem has occurred with your display driver. Your system may not have enough resources to run the game at the selected settings. You can retry using the same settings or adjust them to lower settings. make sure you have the latest drivers for your video hardware. And try rebooting your system to help clear up any issues." Its strange how the game has been playing ok up till this point. What do I need to do with the tweaking settings ?
  21. Thank you for that info. I do know there is space for 1 more memory card up to 4GB. Not sure if it would support a bigger graphics card or not.
  22. I have recently been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider albeit running rather slow and jerky game play. When I got to the base camp after climbing the snowy mountain and selected to upgrade weapons the game crashed and a message popped up saying Rise of the Tomb raider has stopped working. My PC specs are 4GB DDR3, Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3050 1.6Ghz. I realise I may need more memory etc adding to my machine. Can someone please advise on this and as to what I would need to do my machine in order to run this game smoothly and without any glitches.
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