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  1. Just Finished! Hooray!! 😁 Thank you @Stellalune for your amazing walkthroughs, I mostly used them for secrets and now and then when I got stuck. I only had one bug throughout and it was with the amulet disappearing in the moat, but the underwater flare fix sorted that out. @ColouredCascade how far are you? 😘 This was great, when are we doing the next one? Here are my stats: Saved 576 Times (LOL)
  2. Thank you for all the help Stella, I will def try that, but alas, it will have to be next week sometime as I'm drowning in work. Happy raiding all! Will join you guys again soon xxx
  3. I have windows 10 and it is a GOG file
  4. Hi @Stellalune I am having trouble with the widescreen patch, I've followed your instructions, but only the FOV and camera distance work. I also never had "thik" Lara but i do have black pillar boxes on the side. I get this notification everytime I run the game. These compatibility settings seems to have no difference, I've tried multiple options Do you have any advice? Not a train smash in the end of the day, but a nice-to-have. Thank you x
  5. How has the no medipack run been going @Lauren3101? I thought about you when I reached the piranha-like scarab beatles. Surely that's near impossible to pass without a medipack.
  6. Movie recommendation Raiders! I watched the new jumanji movie today and I was pleasantly surprised. It is remade as if the playerd are in a video game this time. They 100% drew inspiration from Tomb Raider and it makes for a really exciting watch!
  7. I just kept on thinking I wish there were real places like this to explore, and pull levers to open underwater passages and see electric obelisks haha
  8. YEESSS @LOKKEY97! 100% get you! Esp the monkeybars, had to win Werner "at whatever cost!"! Goodluck for whats to come, I forgot how hard this game actually is!
  9. Many thanks @Stellalune! Where on earth is this from?
  10. Just finished level 9. My stats thus far. I remember when I first got this game, it was a demo that came with a canon printer, and you could only play up to here
  11. @Stellalune If i install the widescreen patch, does that mean I have to start over?
  12. Just arrived myself, love how Lara crashes into the temple in the start of this level. AS IF Lara can't drive pffff! Haha
  13. 4 levels in and already missed 2 secrets *facepalm* ok, let's backtrack haha
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