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  1. I appreciate you understanding, Stella. Thank you!
  2. I apologize for the lack of posting/updating. Personal stuff's been... kind of not putting me in the mood to continue The Last Revelation, if that makes sense. I might have some more time to continue, for the next few months. Once again, I apologize.
  3. That's true. Problem was, I was pretty much already done with the level and had no other exit except for the one you use when you first enter the level. So I had to deal with those pesky locusts and pass by the dragon-like creature either way. XD
  4. So, I just finished the tutorial levels. And wanted to post this quick update, here. This is how I'm gonna be starting, inventory-wise. The flares and and medi-packs are left untouched. As sad as it is (for obvious reasons), I took Lara's pistols out of the inventory, added the other guns and gave them that starting ammo. Here I go, with these conditions! PS: The savegame editor, if you want to use it for something, was downloaded from Stella's website. Thought I should mention the source!
  5. Yeah, I find Tomb Raider 3 a bit of a difficult game to do a no medi-pack run on. But it's not impossible. It's sort of easy in The Last Revelation here. Though personally I had to do a lot of trial and error when finishing the Citadel Gate level after getting the Nitrous Oxide Canister, due to the locusts. Good luck!
  6. I love that scene aswell. I remember restarting The Last Revelation a few times, when I was a kid. Just to watch this moment.
  7. So first of all, hello everyone! I found this group play thing posted by Stella on FB and decided to join in. So here's how I am thinking of doing it. I'm thinking of doing a no-pistols run for The Last Revelation. Here's what I am thinking of doing, after the training levels. I have considered editing the save file, to give Lara all the weapons in the game. But without any unlimited ammo. In fact, I would like to give myself a challenge. So instead, I'm going to try to keep ammo, so it doesn't get too easy. Naturally, I will go for ammo pickups, to stock up on ammo for certain enemies/bosses. But it's to try and not having the game being too easy for me. And to make things harder, I also intend to avoid any health pickups. Kind of like, for those of you who know, some of the Metal Gear Solid games on the Extreme difficulty, where you only get one health item for the whole game. I'll be trying to check everyone's progress on their own runs in here and post my own. Have fun!
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