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  1. Hahaha, no judgement here Mariana, good on you for completing it. And your dog is lovely!
  2. Thanks Stella - yes that's the problem, I'm playing on a newish TV that must be double the size of the one I had as a kid. I noticed a massive difference in quality from when I used to play on older TVs. Planning on buying a PC soon though. I need to play these fan remakes! :)
  3. Hey everyone, how's the play through going? I completed it the other day with no medi packs used. I tried to post a picture on here but it keeps saying it's too large. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there's a way to improve the graphics a little on the PS2? I have noticed from the PC screenshots and videos they are always much clearer.
  4. Thanks, yeah I'm going, I'm really excited haha That's a shame, I can understand that, I know there's one in San Francisco, not sure how far that is from you both - my geography is notoriously awful lol. I just feel sorry for my long suffering husband who is joining me without complaint despite having no interest in tomb raider at all! 😂 Edited as I've just seen you said halfway between the two receptions, so no good then
  5. So far, so good! I got through the bit with the scarabs with about a quarter life lost which I was quite happy with. I'm starting to get nervous about the bit with the guardian, and I've just remembered those awful circular blade traps too - pretty sure I always got through a few medi-pack going through them lol. Out of interest is anyone here going to the composer buffet reception on the 28th April?
  6. Yes TR3 was much harder; the enemies were smarter, and then there's that swim through the ice cold water in Antarctica, I just couldn't do it without using a pack or two. I forgot about the locusts - I guess on the plus side for TRLR you can walk back and forth into levels a lot so you can refresh your health that way haha. Stella, unfortunately no PC for me, still got my original PS2! Thinking that may have to change soon with all the fan remakes of the original TRs in progress though.
  7. This works pretty well for me as I've just completed 1, 2 and 3 again recently. Going to try for a no medi-pack run, I managed it on TR2 but failed miserably on TR3 lol.
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