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  1. Who wants to watch all the FMV video files from the Tomb Raider 2,3,4,5 can download player here. The player plays RPL files from Tomb Raider 2,3 and BIK files from Tomb Raider 4,5, video files are located in the game folder the FMV. FMV_Play_TR2345.rar
  2. We glad for you, Stella. I discovered, nothing know about Tomb Raider, level design, models design and finally same color set - it. just. over. my imagination- I know about gamedev. I intend more precisely and detailed investigate wiki about Tomb Raider - who is those genius painters and designers my respect to them. lead programmer is Dr.Gavin Rummery well known, but visual part of game I have no words, my admiration.)) Remains to set 3 Tridents. )) Temple of Poseidon. )
  3. Happy Birthday, Dear Stella! Happy Birthday to you! )) My favorite episode, color set just stunning. ))
  4. Yes, Alexandria is very nice level, and I like it, too. I like open air scenes more. Now stopped Coastal Ruins - Welcome to Egyptian Adventure! ) Tried lost Senet game and follow alternative way - it just stunning! Thank you, Stella! ) I used Save Load game only to win Senet each time before. I not supposed is possible lost and go alternative way. People, Stella's birthday on Friday hope you prepared your greetings. ))))
  5. I played Senet with Semerkhet, I won. But I stored savegame, next time I will try alternative way to pass this scene if I lost the game. I play TR4 since it was released, but only now as turned there is alternative way in case you lost Senet game. )) Thank you, Stella. It little discovery just excellent. How good it is to find something new in the old game!
  6. pass this scene is full boredom. I am a bit stuck. ))
  7. I am now playing Tomb Of Semerkhet level. :-)
  8. Hello, friends! I developed Tomb Raider screensaver on Natla Technologies theme, you can download and test this masterpiece by link below. I tested screensaver using OS Win7 and WinXP, for run screensaver need DirectX June 2010, for more info see ReadMe.txt in rar archive. Enjoy screensavering! :-) http://tr-widescreen.ho.ua/black4.rar
  9. This is one from my favorite episodes TR4, nice levels are Alexnadria and Coastal Ruins very cheerful colorful scenes.
  10. I continued to play Tomb Raider 4, recently started, now got Temple Of Karnak level.
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