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  1. Okay so, Finally got some time to sit down and play a couple of levels. Thought I would get through the 2 tutorial style levels tonight so that I could get onto the real fun tomorrow I'm going to give you some first impressions, since its been so long that I feel like its the first time I'm playing this game! These two opening tutorial levels are really well done, sure they're not the most exciting levels you'll ever play, heck you don't even get to shoot anything. However, the developers really set this up in way that it teaches you and sets a base for the story to come, which is really nice. My only issue with these levels is that sometimes the audio is really quiet, making Werners instructions very unclear (luckily I've played it before so I pretty much know these levels by heart) Weirdly the most nostalgic thing about these levels is the when you first learn to monkey climb, as a child I always used to race Werner to see if I could make it to the other side before he did. Granted, its a lot easier to do now than it was back then, but it brings back so many memories of sitting at my grandfathers house and playing his copy of TRLR. I also really like the touch of the multiple endings, and paths. That was really nice as I had never gone the path or the Heretical (as a child I never bothered to collect all the secrets). I also love beating Werner at the end of the tutorial, it always just felt like the smallest win for me! Anyone else felt that? Anyways, thats it from me today, hoping to knock out a big chunk of the game tomorrow so I will update you on where I am at Have a good day/night wherever you are, and raid on!
  2. Okay guys, hey! So I finally got my copy of Tomb Raider 4 working 😍 ran into some emulation issues as I no longer have my beloved PS2 to run it on. But alas popped the disc in my Mac and set up an emulator and here we are. This is my first time doing a group play so i’m not sure what to expect. But i’m Really excited to have another go at this game. It’s been a while since I’ve played it seriously Goid luck to everyone. And cannot wait to chat about TRLR
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