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  1. Triangle, triangle, shoot the guy twice, struggle on the floor toggle the left then toggle the right And then I get shot in the head because it doesn’t matter what I push. Is there a cheat to pass this part it’s so annoying.?
  2. OK I have tried to pass this Stupid guy since you posted this and I still have had no luck it’s as if the back-and-forth motion on my joystick doesn’t work but I’ll play other games and it works fine. Something is not registering in the game or something.
  3. Thanks so much the toggling back-and-forth is when he keeps killing me
  4. I have been playing the definitive edition of tomb raider on a PS4. I have tried for months to get past the Russian guy who chokes you and fights you with a gun. After kicking him and biting his ear we struggle on the ground and I always get shot in the head because there are no directions on how to go from there. If anybody could give me any heads up here that would be great otherwise I’m just going to give somebody the game because at this point I can’t play it either way. It’s ridiculous that there is no information on the subject anywhere. I literally just started getting into the game and was forced to stop because I can’t pass the stupid guy!!!