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  1. Thanks for the responses - I finally figured it out. Turns out even with the cart on top of the bell, it is possible to climb up too, then go as normal. I just had to find the right spot, since the cart blocks climbing up on most of it. Got 100%!
  2. Ok, I can't seem to be make a new thread so I'll ask here since it's kinda relevant: I'm done with the main game and have gone back to Cozumel to get the stuff I missed, but can't figure out how to get to it. The third cache and the treasure chest are past the bell and cart puzzle, but I can't get up there from the base camp. As soon as I make it bell with the cart on top, there's nowhere else to go. Am I missing a path? (Also, anyone know why I get a 403 forbidden error when I try to post?)
  3. I just discovered that that gold, as well as the jade mine at the north end of Paititi, respawns (right before point of no return mission i found them). Maybe that's why they stay white.
  4. I agree with the frustration of how long that bit is with constant action! I started that sequence at 10PM thinking I'd get an hour in before bed and couldn't base camp save for like 3 hours. But you'll definitely be able to return to Paititi soon after. If you still haven't gotten those skeletons on the cliffs, just swing towards them from the rappel rope.
  5. Yup, keep pressing the 1 key until you select the fear arrow symbol
  6. Just got to this today. Took about 20 for me. It's the hardest sliding sequence yet, but keep trying! The one that kept getting me was right at the end with the shipping container (?) and I kept going too far left.
  7. It did also take me a few tries to launch the game. Had to update display drivers and restart several times, but eventually it worked beautifully. The only other glitch I've noticed so far is (if it's a glitch and not a stylistic choice): sometimes when it's a cutscene and the camera is behind Lara's shoulder, black hexagons flicker on her. I tried to screenshot it - looks like I caught one, but it's a bunch of them.
  8. How do you get to the map in the crypt? I found the clue on the wall, but can't figure out what it means (if anything), or how to get into the room. Including screenshots of the wall painting. Edit: NEVERMIND FOUND IT. That was well-hidden. For anyone else who is stuck with this: on the wall opposite the painting is a thin doorway.
  9. Possible spoilers for Peruvian Jungle level I stumbled onto a glitch (on PC) with the first jaguar fight. It killed me, and when it reloaded, the jaguar was stuck in one spot, not moving towards me. I shot a ton of arrows into it, and it would turn towards me, but would not start running and would not die. Reloading the checkpoint resolved it. Unfortunately I forgot to screenshot it - if anyone else finds the glitch with this fight or any other, please do.
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