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  1. Oh, right! Super-secret! Croft manor again . . . maybe. The impression I got from the exchange about what Lara was going to do and the expression on her face was something more light-hearted, there's not been a lot of humour! Those historically have been at Croft Manor, like locking the butler in the freezer (BTW this gets a nod in Hitman 2 if you didn't know). The last visits to Croft Manor have hardly been pleasant, too.
  2. Hey, Stella, the last tomb - do you know what's happening there? What I mean is there's still one thing listed as "coming soon" and right at the end there's a conversation between Lara and . . . someone else which clearly indicates something more.
  3. this was probably the trickiest bit in the game as it's consistently difficult and is the one that really put me off trying Deadly Obsession, I pictured myself getting more and more and more annoyed and breaking 3000 worth of console and TV and thought . . . I can live without a few Xbox gamer points
  4. I use an Xbox, I found what looks like a useful thread on another site, hope it helps.
  5. If I understand correctly, you do not know how to make silent arrows. I do not know the PC buttons but on Xbox holding RB makes special arrows (fire arrows in your case) and RT makes silent arrows. I believe on PC it's the same idea - hold the "shoot arrow" button and Lara makes silent arrows.
  6. You don't need feathers to make fire arrows (never paid much attention myself but I don't think you do). Cloth and oil so I suppose it's one of those you're missing. If you're really stuck then if you hold RB and LB (RT and LT?) at the loading screen and you'll get back-up saves. They might be a fair bit further back than where you are in the game. Best of luck.
  7. Right - thanks for that, I'll try and get used to it. I'm about to do the latest tomb, I've got to the "you're about to enter the tomb" bit so have gone away from Hitman right now. Trouble is I find that as soon as I start playing one game I very quickly lose the co-ordination on whatever I was playing before! So I keep trying to get Lara to do what Agent 47 does at the moment and - oddly - I start using herbs because I'm holding LB for no reason (it's the run button in Hitman). Then when I go back to Hitman I press R-stick for Eagle Vision instead of holding RB. Trials and tribulations . . .
  8. Ah, yes, I keep forgetting herbs, I barely used them until the final fight on "One With The Jungle" and don't recall using them at all when I went through on the easy setting; once again I completely avoided the normal setting, didn't use it in any of the last three games! How to you slow down time? Is it just by aiming? I can do it in Hitman with the right guns, pulling slightly on the trigger - is it like that?
  9. Hello. This is one Xbox achievement I don't have for "Shadow". Anyone got any tips on the best place for this, techniques, etc? I presume an early level and New Game Plus helps. Cheers!
  10. Found this sequence quite difficult, she seemed to fail on certain actions even though I was fairly sure I had it right. It's the two sequences, running through flood and landslide, that put me off "Deadly Obsession", I didn't want to get so frustrated that I'd end up on a YouTube clip.
  11. forgot to tag you with this, it's fine, I probably meant "sprint" not "run" away from the bear but I never tested just running to see if the bear can catch her
  12. sure, go ahead - it takes a little bit of practice but I was very very sad on a couple of run-throughs of "Rise" and spent 24+ hours just in the wilderness amassing XP to get the skills up. Kill the bear, get to the next camp or maybe past the ship in the ice, fast-travel back to the wilderness, shoot birds, deer, anything, eventually the things start re-spawning, the bear does after 10-20 fast-travels, you can collect the bear-skin until you can't carry any more but you have to kill it in the cave or it phases into the permanent carcass out in the "arena" and then you can't harvest the fur; the only down-side of the shooting arrows and running away tactic is that you can't then harvest the arrows however the quiver in the arena area respawns on each fast-travel
  13. Did you get past the bear? Sorry, I might have been able to help more but didn't register the updated in "Rise". There's a useful technique with this bear if you don't have poison. You can creep down the passage, do a loaded shot at its head, hopefully get a second one off as it starts to run towards you; then run away as soon as that happens, out of the passage, to the right (from where you came in). Keep going towards the end, jump over the snowdrift maybe - the bear roars and goes back. Go back down again, repeat the arrow-shots, run away. It works fairly well as the bear never gets close enough to cause a problem. Totally unrealistic, even huge grizzly bears are much faster than humans but there we go . . .
  14. Interesting, that makes some sense. I noticed the things you can jump on to open doors in whichever level it was (forge?). I did have a vague recollection that there was some talk of co-op play at some point but could be completely wrong!
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