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  1. SpirantCrayon22

    Tombs with enemies

    Yes, wonder if Andy Serkis is getting royalties for the sound effects, should do as some are exactly what he did for Gollum! As for shotguns I find them rubbish. I have ploughed through almost exclusively with dodge-kills and auto-head-shots with the bow. Probably making my own life hard!
  2. SpirantCrayon22

    Retrieve champions bow

    Yes, I just re-did it an hour ago after finishing San Juan.
  3. SpirantCrayon22

    Peruvian Jungle - Jaguars - arrows useless?

    This came to my mind earlier on. I've been ploughing through my NG+ and just got to the helicopter boss. At the end, after I'd used nearly all my medicine due to pressing the wrong buttons on the controller because I've been playing Hitman Sniper Assassin mostly in the last week, it was a bit odd. I had Lara crouched behind the round thing behind which she can crouch when the helicopter minigun is firing, healed, there was one guy (maybe two?) left to shoot. Thing is, while she was crouching behind that thing the 'copter just blew up by itself. Is that on a timer, too? I haven't tested the jaguar fight. I could try a test on the helicopter boss on my other Xbox, that's not been synced.
  4. SpirantCrayon22

    Tombs with enemies

    Well . . . at least it's a bit different! The Yaaxil reappear in the Tree of Life if you take Lara back there, or at least they did before the last Xbox update. Thought I'd mention that in case you wanted to say, "Hello," again - but they're not any friendlier. Really surprised me, that. I stared at Lara for a good five seconds. "That's odd," was all I could think. Then a Yaaxil appeared and started clawing me. Lara's "combat" crouch was totally unexpected, so much so that I didn't even realise that was what was going on!
  5. SpirantCrayon22

    Retrieve champions bow

    ` I'm at the same sort of point in my latest go at the game. The first thing I did in San Juan was to find the base camp by the cars and fast-travel to do "stuff" and I had the same thought as you, to do that side-mission. It wasn't available. I think it appears after the main San Juan story is complete and Lara goes back to Paititi.
  6. SpirantCrayon22

    Stuck on wooden walkway overloking spider mosaic

    What Tyler wrote. I think you should not try to rappel all the way down, though, I am fairly sure the jump is easier if she stops lowering herself early.
  7. SpirantCrayon22

    Ideal game-journey pathway; general cogitations

    Yes, that kind of thing in a way makes the main game easier, possibly even too easy, especially if you do what I did which is to farm XP as soon as fast-travel is enabled (I got all 1-point and 2-point skills before heading off to Kuwaq Yaku.
  8. SpirantCrayon22

    Xbox Avatar Outfit

    I keep getting reminded that they've released the new avatars thing but haven't looked at it, I also wondered what is going on.
  9. SpirantCrayon22

    NG+ "Paths"

    I suppose I should clarify my ability to do combat! I do try to do "stealthy" and sometimes get away with it - but I'm not very good - just make sure I have lots of medicine before starting a fight!
  10. SpirantCrayon22

    NG+ "Paths"

    I'm a bit unconvinced by these "paths". Playing on "One With The Jungle" I've really not found the combat a challenge and none of the other aspects of the game are that challenging either. When I started the New Game Plus, then, I wondered what was going to happen. I was able to kill the enemies just as easily without the new skills, and so on, the bow seems barely any better than the one I used in the main game if it's better at all, I don't use the gun (which doesn't really look special) and the knife actually looks worse than the "finely crafted knife" as it doesn't carry the "extra resources" description so I haven't even bothered selecting it. You can buy all the other "path" skills for Lara anyway (I had 20 skill points by the time I could buy skills in NG+). When in Tupac Shakur, fairly early, she can buy all the extra equipment. Resources are so easy to come by that upgrading everything is no problem at all. As stated, though, what actual advantage did I get for the "Path" extras? Perhaps it's my "completionist" attitude to the game or maybe I'm just miserable - what does anyone else think?
  11. SpirantCrayon22

    Stuck after Trinity roadblock

    You should be able to go back using the jump-and-throw-the-climbing-axe manoeuvre to get to the higher ledge. On a console, at least, exiting the game and restarting it can fix some problems. It's not clear what you mean, though; you indicate that there are arrows, cloth and oil so you should be able to make a fire arrow to burn the barrier. What exactly is it that is not working in the situation? Can you not pick up arrows? Does crafting fail? Is Lara not pulling out the bow?
  12. SpirantCrayon22

    Paititi side-mission count

    yep - got to that point now cheers
  13. SpirantCrayon22

    Paititi side-mission count

    Could well be that, yes. I had a feeling, though, that 11 was the count even on the first visit when I did the game the first couple of times round. Still, it seems the most likely answer, haven't found anyone complaining about a mission being removed. I've got into Cenote now, up to the camp immediately before the first fight with the beasties, should work it out soon enough.
  14. SpirantCrayon22

    Paititi side-mission count

    I'm doing a new game plus and have got to Paititi I just noticed yesterday evening the total in the map for side-missions in Paititi is ten. The (completed) saved game I have shows eleven in this location. Anyone know anything about this? I've done almost no story activities in this region - is it simply progress, it'll change from x/10 to x/11 later on? I don't recall this from my first couple of goes at the game.
  15. SpirantCrayon22

    Inaccessible Gold Glitch Hidden City?

    I'm more or less on this page. I've done that bit a few times and the gold's always been there first time around. It eventually respawns. The map label after talking to whoever-it-is doesn't seem to affect whether the gold is there or not, I don't think there's a link beyond "this is a marker to indicate that somewhere near here at some point gold appears".