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  1. SpirantCrayon22

    graphics suddenly got poor?

    I just saw something that made me feel another comment on this was justified. I looked at launch trailers for SotTR and . . . well, the videos of game-play look like HD in the way I discussed above, ie, it does look like HD where what I see is not HD - the same sequences in MY game-play do not look like the launch trailer sequences. I can't be seeing 4K because I don't have 4K in the house. So why is my game-play soft-focus when the launch trailer - in HD not 4K - looks better? What am I missing? I am getting more convinced that this has been a fudge.
  2. SpirantCrayon22

    [rant] I absolutely certainly 100% DID press X

    It certainly is difficult. Well, sort-of. For the normal or stealth bits it's okay, long, methodical, steady and so on but then you get a firefight and if you die then you go all the way back to the beginning. I am fairly good at these games but that seems too much for me! I don't like the combat side of things, like Stella. I do like stealth killing (love Hitman and Deus Ex) so maybe just stick with that in the way you wrote!
  3. I decided to do a Deadly Obsession run. With a certain very helpful walkthrough that reminded me of a few things I didn't remember I got through the bell platform puzzle in Cozumel. Okay, Stella's second section, climb up, bats fly out, press X to keep hold to then continue and abseil down. I know there's not a lot of time but I press X VERY fast when doing jumps and the blue timer was only at six o'clock when my thumb, already hovering over X, pressed the button. What did Lara do? Fall off and die. I looked down at my thumb, it was on the X button. I don't mind if I get myself killed (he lied) as it's understandable. If you get shot by five soldiers with machine guns then dying quickly kind-of makes sense. If, though, you do what the game says and it fails, that's very annoying. Rant over. I did notice this behaviour once or twice during the first go at the game. Anyone feel the controls are a bit off? Worse than "Rise"? Still better than "Assassin's Creed", though. Any tips? Bah humbug haven't got time right now to go through it all again
  4. SpirantCrayon22

    Check Out This Magical Black Wolf - SOTTR

    Nice one! Much easier to walk slowly up to near the entrance and lock onto their hearts from outside the cave before they notice Lara, rare that they work out they need to run out before they're dead.
  5. SpirantCrayon22

    Does Anyone Recognize This?

    I am not completely sure what you mean. Where your map is centred doesn't have anything to collect and is inaccessible, that is where Lara's very short 'plane lands after Mexico. In your picture, there are a couple of documents marked although they are in the Tupac Shakur part of the map. Perhaps you don't have markers for the missing items because you haven't found an explorer rucksack/adventurer map that puts them there, but of course if you really have lost all the markers from the whole of that region then I don't know what you might be missing. Hope that helps!
  6. SpirantCrayon22

    Do Predators / Hunting Areas Respawnin SOTTR?

    I should have mentioned that the 25 XP is with the Explorer outfit so is already boosted. Some animals get +10, birds get +5. Yes, bit of a grind but as I wrote a bit easier than "Rise", where I really went mad with too much time on my hands and cycled the Wilderness section before moving into the Soviet installation so much I had bought all first-level skills, probably all second-level skills and even the head-shot-lock - triple-head-shots really made many following sections so much easier, even on the hard setting.
  7. SpirantCrayon22

    why isn't it showing 100%?

    Thanks for the video, Stella, it's shown that the missing items are all very late in the game. That makes me think it's connected to the broken crafting problem (Kantu's Golden Vest), something has stopped items from registering. That stated, it might not explain anyone else's problems. Regarding the golden items; the bow is Facebook, the pistol Youtube, the Rifle Twitch and the pickaxe Twitter. The shotgun (Bishop 600 - gold edition) is something I wrote about elsewhere; this page has a description of the confusion that matches my experience exactly.
  8. SpirantCrayon22

    Do Predators / Hunting Areas Respawnin SOTTR?

    I spent quite a while shooting birds and eagles to farm XP and get money. The eagles in Tupac Shakur spawn on every visit. The jaguar in the first bit of Peru much less often and the condor even less often than that. The Empress jaguar appeared a couple of times but since then Lara just goes into a crouch and that's it. The wolves in San Juan seem to appear more or less every visit, too. Bear in mind, though, that birds give 25 xp and are so very common and very easy so that is actually the most effective way of building up XP, wood and feathers spawn all over the place. Jaguar fights much harder, very little reward, too, with eagle feathers giving more money. Much easier to get XP early in Shadow than Rise. I am assuming the above applies to harder difficulties, I've only done it on the easy setting, I'm about to commence the game at Deadly Obsession and skip the middle two.
  9. I don't have 4K but already posted that in some ways the game doesn't look as good as "Rise". It actually looks like normal definition that has been fudged to make it look like HD and that is without even considering 4K. A screenshot shows clearly that it really is 1920x1080 when delivered to the screen but it still looks like soft focus. This is on two different Xbox One systems connected to two different TVs (which are set to "computer"/whatever). I could be really cynical and suggest they've deliberately done that so a side-by-side comparison of HD and 4K means there is no comparison.
  10. SpirantCrayon22

    why isn't it showing 100%?

    Thanks, Stella. I did a bit more than just zooming in, I looked at all the "1/1", "2/2" items and they were all complete at the appropriate level. Regarding the artifacts, I'd list the ones I have so in principle it might be possible to work out which ones are missing, but the game doesn't present which ones appear at what point so that's not a lot of help. I wonder if there's a walkthrough-in-progress anywhere that is going to list all items in the game with the locations they're found . . . Of course, the question is "why?" Some actions over-write, so to speak, other goings-on in the game. So Lara might be talking to Jonah but if "Eagle Vision" is pressed then that conversation gets killed in favour of her "note to self". I wonder if that kind of thing is relevant in not registering items. Say one's found and the message comes up on the screen but then something else happens that interrupts that process; if the item only registers at the end of the message-coming-up sequence then if it's interrupted maybe the game loses its chance to do the registration. Quick reiterated question - do you know if there is a golden knife skin as there is for the other items? Also I'd be interested if you have the same count of items and outfits, see what I might have missed along the way. I am sure I read something about a community challenge to get a golden dagger skin (I don't think I'm getting mixed up with the real-life dagger that was hidden in the UK) but haven't found a reference to it, maybe I'd been playing the game too much and had a dream - better have a break . . . Cheers
  11. SpirantCrayon22

    why isn't it showing 100%?

    I just finished the game. I am a bit deflated in a, "Oh what a surprise, not," kind of way that the game isn't showing 100%. This is where I have got to: The "load" screen shows "98.92% complete". If I open the map, zoom out and hover over each region, they are all showing 100% and all side-missions and challenges show as complete. I suppose I'd better count the maps and rucksacks, they're not listed, are they? The Artifacts "tab", for want of a better way of putting it, is perhaps part of the problem; most show as complete but the following are not: "Path of the Stars" - 87%, I have seven entries in this so one is missing "Lara's Notebook" - 81%, 9 items so 2 missing "Gates of Hell" - 85%, 6 items so 1 missing "Angel de la Cruz" - 28%, 2 items so 5 missing "The Resistance" - 88%, 8 items so 1 missing "Metamorphosis" - 88%, 8 items so 1 missing "Homecoming" - 83%, 5 items so 1 missing "Myth, Magic & Monsters" - 87%, 7 items so 1 missing "Miracle Mission" - 87%, 7 items so 1 missing "Trinity" - 90%, 9 items so 1 missing At a base camp, I have 6 skills points available and the button has an exclamation mark but, unsurprisingly, all skills have been learned. Also, the inventory has an exclamation mark. In there I have 8 bows, 7 handguns, 5 rifles, 5 shotguns, 2 melee and 2 knives; includes anything from pre-order, Croft edition, season pass and the five golden versions of the normal items (is there a golden knife?) and anything carrying over from owning "TR" and "Rise". There are 22 full body outfits, 9 upper body including 1 I can't craft (Kantu) and excluding 1 that hasn't appeared but should have (Manko), 10 lower body items, there are 15 equipment items. Anyone have any thoughts on what is going on here? Cheers
  12. SpirantCrayon22

    bug - cannot craft outfit

    I put in a support ticket - I think - the SE support site is terrible.
  13. SpirantCrayon22

    bug - cannot craft outfit

    In San Juan I've done the side mission and in theory been given the outfit. I cannot, though, craft it. The resources disappear but the icon changed from the not-crafted one to a broken purple heart. Re-crafting does nothing except use resources. I have read elsewhere that on PS4 restarting the game doesn't help (I'm on Xbox). In terms of "why?", the only slight oddity I can see is I seem to have done part of the mission at the wrong point. I started the mission almost immediately on arrival but did nothing further. I went around the map doing loads of stuff, went elsewhere in the "world" and did stuff there, before returning and doing even more. One of those activities forms part of the mission but I did it before reaching the "right point". When I spoke to the mission-giver, the mission steps on screen flashed up quickly then went to the final one, I was given the outfit but, well, as written above. Another thing I can do but am not hopeful is to go through the motions of doing the tomb in case a trigger point is, um, triggered. I'll also try deleting the local save and see if that does anything but I am not hopeful there either.
  14. SpirantCrayon22

    Gold Edition items, linking account

    try this page
  15. SpirantCrayon22

    Missing Mission & Interpreting Map Markers

    thanks, EmbodiedBook - I like to call it "Eagle Vision" which now seems a pretty appropriate poach from "Assassin's Creed" - and it's not the only similarity between the two franchises.