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  1. SpirantCrayon22

    where did the empress jaguar go?

    Interesting, @rcgldr - did you get her twice, then? If and when I go through it again might be worth trying. I am pretty sure it's a bug, though, given her going into a crouch. Just the wrong animals spawn!
  2. SpirantCrayon22

    new monkey trial thing

    Just did this - bit odd! Just a note to reassure.
  3. Did anyone else get to kill the empress jaguar once - but only once? Lara goes into a crouch in that bit of San Juan for me and can put on mud for camouflage - but there's no big cat, just deer. On my attempts at the game she vanishes permanently after the first time she's killed. Doesn't break the game but is there something specific that gets her to appear?
  4. SpirantCrayon22

    Invisible wall bug in Hidden City - I'm stuck!

    Xbox had an update within the last day. I've not really played since doing the two new tombs and didn't go near this area. Rather not, actually, given the issues! Anyway - has anyone looked at this to see if they fixed it?
  5. SpirantCrayon22

    merry Christmas

    Season's greetings to one and all!
  6. SpirantCrayon22

    Invisible wall bug in Hidden City - I'm stuck!

    Is this specific to PC or does it affect consoles? I haven't tried it; I did the two challenge tombs and am now back on Hitman 2.
  7. SpirantCrayon22

    challenge tombs

    I'd wondered about maintaining interest in the game after completing it. The challenge tombs being mixed in with the main story give some reason to replay the whole game when they're all out. Just did Forge and Pillar while waiting for Hitman 2 to update. I wasn't quite clear on Forge, how the thing worked, but running around like a lunatic shooting the first available gas stream seemed to work; even there, though I think there was one point of luck rather than being able to work it out. Looks like Agent 47 is available again . . .
  8. SpirantCrayon22

    platinum shotgun?

    I just got a message about a loyalty reward, a platinum Bishop 600 shotgun. Anyone else got this? What did I do to get this? Are there any others (ie, have I missed any)? Member Pgacol noted something similar just under three weeks ago but perhaps that was the gold edition. One other thing I didn't quite get was that Forge and so on appear in the main game, they're not standalone, but that was probably just me being thick!
  9. SpirantCrayon22


    This the one where you have to rappel down a bit, swing, jump and grab? Some have found that a bit tricky, if it is that one then from memory the way forward is NOT to rappel down as far as possible. Mind you, I've been busy with Hitman 2 and haven't looked at Shadow for a while (not yet done Forge). Best of luck!
  10. Also Old woman quite high up on the right, south of Uhura's house in a hut just southwest of an artefact, highlights a crypt on the left. Man on west side of map next to tunnel to capybara area, highlights tomb. Think this might be one you've noted.
  11. SpirantCrayon22

    new game + | all items from any path

    Yes, that's what I found, I had 18 points or so spare at the start and had another four I think by the time I got to a place where I could buy skills so got all of them very fast. I didn't find the NG+ thing that enjoyable as a concept, given how lethal Lara is anyway by the end of a normal game.
  12. SpirantCrayon22

    new game +, jaguar path, jaguar speed?

    All the skills and outfits in NG+ can be bought with XP/at the seller locations. I think the name is as Tyler mentioned, it's in a stage of development then for whatever reason gets called something else or changed or both.
  13. SpirantCrayon22

    Tombs with enemies

    Yes, wonder if Andy Serkis is getting royalties for the sound effects, should do as some are exactly what he did for Gollum! As for shotguns I find them rubbish. I have ploughed through almost exclusively with dodge-kills and auto-head-shots with the bow. Probably making my own life hard!
  14. SpirantCrayon22

    Retrieve champions bow

    Yes, I just re-did it an hour ago after finishing San Juan.
  15. SpirantCrayon22

    Peruvian Jungle - Jaguars - arrows useless?

    This came to my mind earlier on. I've been ploughing through my NG+ and just got to the helicopter boss. At the end, after I'd used nearly all my medicine due to pressing the wrong buttons on the controller because I've been playing Hitman Sniper Assassin mostly in the last week, it was a bit odd. I had Lara crouched behind the round thing behind which she can crouch when the helicopter minigun is firing, healed, there was one guy (maybe two?) left to shoot. Thing is, while she was crouching behind that thing the 'copter just blew up by itself. Is that on a timer, too? I haven't tested the jaguar fight. I could try a test on the helicopter boss on my other Xbox, that's not been synced.