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  1. Wow! I hadn't done any searching to look for anything like that. That's certainly a nice little easter egg!
  2. I got to the end. I think the DLC works well with the game, generally popping up at the right sorts of moment, not really any oddities caused by things being out of place. Still a good game overall. The ending of the last DLC . . . still feels like there's something missing.
  3. I think I might have asked this before and got an answer but I can't find it! Hidden City, Temple of the Sun. In the annotated map there's an icon which isn't present in my map. It's vaguely octopus-shaped, with really short tentacles, under the "T" of "TS", with 12 sort of WNW and 13 further away to the SE. I did this tomb/thing and it's not showing up. I have a vague memory that it shows up on PC but not on Xbox. Well, maybe that vague memory stems from it not being on the screen right now. Maybe it's something that appears later, it's quite a while since I did the game so can't remem
  4. Given the unlikelihood (is that a word?!) of the mysterious eighth tomb actually being a Thing I'll give the game another run-through with all the tombs. Well, Hitman 2 is keeping me very occupied but I'll try and make time. Has anyone else done this? Do the tombs and stories around them help with the overall game?
  5. From memory there is a crate that is under the water that gets highlighted with Eagle Vision but there's no way of interacting with it that I found either. I think it's an oversight. I have not noticed a beeping sound there, I'll try and remember to have a look and listen later on. As a general piece of advice in the game, there's a high chance that if you've spent an hour trying to figure out something and you've not got anywhere then it's not something you can do at that point. You're highly unlikely to permanently miss anything, there's basically nothing you can only get to once, al
  6. Sorry, this is a repeat question and is more or less a repeat of the two most-recent posts. Question remains - anyone have any idea about the mysterious missing "additional tomb" that is "coming soon"? I just read an article at kotaku.com that mentioned this missing thing. The developers are silent, although that is sadly normal for game developers even in the face of "this game is totally broken" complaints from those who provide their income. As mentioned, I felt the very last dialogue in "Mother Protector" left something hanging, a conversation that isn't finished, but I have to admit I
  7. Thing I don't get is that the menu still indicates there is one more tomb "coming soon" and the way this one ended is clearly "mid-sentence", so to speak. There has to be something else, surely. Any ideas or news?
  8. Hello. I realise an answer 439 days later is not likely to be very helpful for you but if I remember correctly it means the thing is below Lara so find a ladder/cave entrance/whatever.
  9. What Stella wrote. I find combat in this game quite difficult so any sort of help in the final battle is a good idea. In terms of timelines, just the one DLC level occurs after the final battle but I don't think the game lets you play that until you've done the final level. One DLC features the bad guy, albeit briefly, so for story continuity should be played before the end of the game and I think that is probably true for all of them. My intention is the replay the game (again, once or twice) after all DLC has been released (and it looks like there's one left at present), partly to see ho
  10. Oh, right! Super-secret! Croft manor again . . . maybe. The impression I got from the exchange about what Lara was going to do and the expression on her face was something more light-hearted, there's not been a lot of humour! Those historically have been at Croft Manor, like locking the butler in the freezer (BTW this gets a nod in Hitman 2 if you didn't know). The last visits to Croft Manor have hardly been pleasant, too.
  11. Hey, Stella, the last tomb - do you know what's happening there? What I mean is there's still one thing listed as "coming soon" and right at the end there's a conversation between Lara and . . . someone else which clearly indicates something more.
  12. this was probably the trickiest bit in the game as it's consistently difficult and is the one that really put me off trying Deadly Obsession, I pictured myself getting more and more and more annoyed and breaking 3000 worth of console and TV and thought . . . I can live without a few Xbox gamer points
  13. I use an Xbox, I found what looks like a useful thread on another site, hope it helps.
  14. If I understand correctly, you do not know how to make silent arrows. I do not know the PC buttons but on Xbox holding RB makes special arrows (fire arrows in your case) and RT makes silent arrows. I believe on PC it's the same idea - hold the "shoot arrow" button and Lara makes silent arrows.
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