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  1. IDK about that tomb since I don't have the Season Pass, but if reloading the game doesn't work, I think Spirant said on Xbox One........ you can push both RB/LB(?) on load game and it will bring up various save files. So should be able to choose a file before the auto save. @SpirantCrayon22 could prob tell more since he found out about it last year @SpirantCrayon22
  2. I went to the bookmark for the site, and it said security error. I didn't think nothing of it and when I came to these forums...I saw a website for Chinese Wine. I was like WTH ?
  3. when i save up $30/$40 to buy season pass in future (if I do) when all content is released...going to be alot of shiz to do
  4. After I beat my 2nd playthough near the end of september I haven't touched it since. Since not on harddrive anymore, Xbox doesn't update it (not leaving on HDD when whole season pass wont be fully releaed till late this year) so IDK if update has fixed anything.
  5. I see them everyday straight out of the chickens butt. All 11 of them. Though with how stormy it has been this year, not as many eggs are being laid. So the picture is moot to me when I got the real things 20 yards behind my bedroom
  6. And this why people ask me why I look at Generation Z with such disgust.
  7. Clint does make great films. Facebook was shoving The Mule i think half a year before it came out before they switched to bird box. I'll wait till The Mule gets on Netflix's DVD service.
  8. Is the Mule any good ? And I only count 3 movies.
  9. After an INT that went through Alshon Jeffery hands, looks like the Saints are moving to the Rams. 20-14 going to Saints for the victory. Which will further solidify my prediction of Chief x Rams SB 53
  10. Eagles are trying to hold on. Don't know if goodor bad if the entire 3rd quater has been one long ass Saints Offense drive. With Thomas taking our lead away just now as I type making it 17-14.
  11. Although anything can and (albiet rigs n' bribes) will happen in the NFL, Patriots will more likely win. NFL won't keep their Golden Child from that trophy 🙄
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