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  1. Big Tyler 08

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - New Adventures Trailer

    So the one tomb a month thing seems like it will be good. Just depends how long it takes per tomb. With it being only one per month, I'm still set on my "buy all of them via season pass" in 2019 when all are released
  2. Big Tyler 08

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I didn't much care for the reboot (obviously will never hold a candle to Mel Gibson) but a sequel to Fury Road should be interesting
  3. Big Tyler 08

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    They did her just as good as that Charlize movie, Monster. You never said Nicole Kidman, I would of never known.
  4. Big Tyler 08

    The Rant Thread

    That is one of the things I've always laughed about in baseball games, whether it be highschool, college, pro, etc. That baseball goes towards the fans, all hell going break loose in that slug fest slaughber knocker
  5. Hopefully. Morph, Spirant, or Stella may have an idea
  6. Hmm, if reloading game, or loading a save before that area did not work......I don't know :l. Maybe someone else has an idea that might work. Sorry I couldn't help 😧
  7. So after she puts her guns back in the cloth wrap, the screen goes black and Lara is frozen in place, unable to walk? Off top of my head, all I can think of is exiting the game and starting it back up again, reload the save, going to load game and loading a save file before that point. I had that happen to Lara couple times on a trap in san juan. Lara wouldn't move and I had to exit game and reload
  8. The same for me on Xbox a couple of times. Instead of commenting on the artifact she goes "I can't carry anymore". Though I was still able to view artifact.
  9. Big Tyler 08

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    The Martian was a pretty good film I thought. And I usually don't care for Matt Damon films
  10. Big Tyler 08

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I've mostly stopped watching TV shows and movies because nobody has any ideas anymore. All they can do is remake what has already been slapped on a DVD or TV screen. And the remakes end up having exactly what you two have mentioned; or some director wants to use fancy CGI and better equipment to "enhance a classic" when the classic version is fine as is. I don't know how many times they do a TV show or a movie and grandma and mom go "I saw that when I was young/a child" Remaking Steel Magnolias (2012) pissed mom off royally, and the magnum remake pissed off grandma. Ghostbusters remake irritated my stepdad as he said "cult classic should stay untouched".......though I thought the latest one was pretty good imho. But Overall: I agree with you both. I say they should leave stuff alone. Who cares if this generation that never looks up from a damn phone screen has not seen X from Y yester-year. But everything us three have mention will keep on. All because as my parents say "The world has run out of ideas. Hollywood is lazy. Politics are bullshiz" And to go On-Topic....I loved the original charmed, the remake can kiss an ass :l
  11. Big Tyler 08

    LCO NFL Fantalk 2008

    Do like my Eagles did in our Super Bowl 52 win....if he scores a TD, score one back lol. You don't answer a Brady TD, game will slip fast.
  12. Big Tyler 08

    Help, no Guns in the Oil Refinery?

    I'm the same xD. LIke in March I pulled a muscle in back that only fully healed couple months ago. What did I do to help heal it? Sit in my chair playing Xbox LOL. I knew the chair made it worse but I was like, Meh fudge it. Even now, my lower back is all knotted from spending last two weeks in bathroom from IBS ghost pepper. What am I still doing?...sitting in chair playing Xbox But glad your shoulder is getting better. And seems Kat got the guns situated as well .
  13. Big Tyler 08

    Help, no Guns in the Oil Refinery?

    I don't think it is selfish of you. And glad the 3 of us could have been of some help.
  14. Big Tyler 08

    Help, no Guns in the Oil Refinery?

    Everything above ^. After a cutscene near the end, you will pick up an Assault Rifle and then be able to commence Rambo After the Oil Fields, and the scenes that follow, you should have your arsenal back. along with the shiny new toys you got via Oil Fields
  15. The Fugitive. Thank you, it was bugging the hell out of me on what that one was. I remembered the gray sweater vividly but could not visualize the movie in that scene xD