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  1. 6: The Hurricane 42: Southpaw
  2. Big Tyler 08

    new game +, jaguar path, jaguar speed?

    Since Guides and booklets are written during the game making process/before public release, more likely it is just the guide. A guide will write something and Developers may change it last minute before game releases. Most time why strategy guides will often have stuff not mentioned/missing half the time.
  3. Thanks. I thought I was certain about 19 though, lol. 42: Bleed for This (awesome movie btw) 52: Evil Dead 26: Night Crawler (gyllenhaal film)
  4. 59: 13 going on 30 or The Hot Chick 31: Perfect Storm 6: Rocky Balboa 14: 7 Days in May 19: Disney A wrinkle in time 30: The Nun or Possession of Hannah Grace 36: Planes, trains, automobiles 52: Carrie, or Texas chainsaw 3d
  5. Big Tyler 08


    No problem. She can get the save files and all that situated when she views thread
  6. Big Tyler 08


    @Stellalune can help you. She can get you past the glitched/troublesome spot.
  7. Big Tyler 08

    Play Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trial For Free

    Saw that on the Xbox Store this morning. Maybe soon they will finally send the codes for the Lara Croft Xbox Avatar Outfits soon
  8. Big Tyler 08

    The Rant Thread

    I always say Merry Christmas. I've yet to offend anybody but if I do I usually go "Am I suppose to care?" LOL.
  9. Big Tyler 08

    Shotgun reward not showing in weapons

    No problems. Hope I was somewhat helpful
  10. Big Tyler 08

    Shotgun reward not showing in weapons

    These might help? Im not too sure . For playing the previous reboot games, you get weapons and outfits. Outfits are accessed at campfires and the shotgun should appear once you have access to the shotgun weapon, which will be near the latter part of the game. https://holdtoreset.com/how-to-access-shadow-of-the-tomb-raider-dlc-items/ http://www.gosunoob.com/shadow-tomb-raider/how-to-unlock-tr-2013-rise-outfits/
  11. Big Tyler 08

    Forge challenge

    I don't have the season pass (waiting till end of next year for all tombs released) but Stella may have something. https://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR11walk/details/forge-dlc.html
  12. Big Tyler 08

    Grapell jump

    @Stellalune would be able to help you. She is good with helping people with keyboard controls and worst case can use your save file and advance past the part giving you issues. I am on console, so knowledge of keyboard controls are out of my expertise, but this may help, albeit untill Stella can reply and help https://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR11walk/07-08-serpent.html
  13. Big Tyler 08

    Merry Christmas from Alabama

    Lol. Figured may as well do it as I thought about it before I don't think about it , haha. Parents have already decorated, I'm waiting weekend to put my little "mini me" tree on table lol.
  14. Big Tyler 08

    Merry Christmas from Alabama

    With Thanksgiving now over along with holiday shopping, I guess we can say it is now the season of Christmas and our Saviors' birth. With me living in southern Alabama and below the Mason-Dixie Line, I say to all my fellow Raiders....Merry Christmas from Dixie !