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  1. That makes sense. Thanks. On a related note, I’ve come to the conclusion that going after 100% completion is a waste of time. With both the Definitive Edition and ROTR, I was obsessed with collecting and doing every single thing in the game. The reward of which was nothing more than an acute , fleeting sense of accomplishment, followed by a feeling of wasted time. Seriously... What did all that running around, searching every nook and cranny, hour after hour, really get me? The exploration and hunting and tomb raiding and combat are superb in this game; none of which are actually benefited by finding every little journal entry or ancient necklace or child’s toy. Starting now, no more of that for me.
  2. I’m in the ruins in Cozumel at the beginning of a New Game +. I’m in the first chamber out of the harrowing underwater passage, to the right of which is a braided rope door. When I try to open, it says I need to upgraded knife; which doesn’t make sense. I have all my other weapons, outfits, and skills from the first play-through, so why wouldn’t my upgraded knife carry over as well?
  3. There’s something in your remarks that’s contrary to what I thought I knew... I thought that once you leave the main world for the final mission, you can’t come back. I ask because I’m right at the point of no return, and grinding to pick up the 100%. However, I would prefer to continue on with the campaign, and then backtrack for the collectibles. I just didn’t think that was possible. Based on what you’re saying, though, I can come back after the final mission. Is that right?
  4. Does anyone know if you keep your collectibles in a New Game + mode. Also: I’ve seen games that will only unlock NewGame+ with 100% completion. ThT’s not the case here, is it?
  5. You'll get a kick out of this minute-long SOTTR gameplay capture. In the movie, "It" (2018), Pennywise the clown says, "Everyone floats down here." The Black Wolf at the end of this video surely escaped Pennywise's floating prison. I thought I had seen every kind of glitch, but this one takes the cake--and cracks me up every time. [Forgive the Auto-Correct's misspelling of "Wolfe." It's ironic that I have to correct the Auto-Correct.] Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Magical Floating Wole: Click here:
  6. Please look at this capture of the SOTTR map. I'm right at the point-of-no-return mission, which I'm postponing until I finish all the challenges, crypts, relics, etc. I was using this map to plan my next exploration/collection, when I notice something bizarre. Note that all the map markers for the Peruvian Jungle region have disappeared. All the other regions have tons of markers for camps and collectibles. This is true even for my regions that are 100% complete. So why all of a sudden are the map markers gone. You can see on the region stats that pop up when you scroll over the region indicate there are outstanding collectibles and challenges, which is useless information without even a single map marker. Am I missing something here? I can't imagine it's related to some story component. So it almost has to be a bug, yes? Cheers, JJ.
  7. Oh, don't give it a second thought. It's all good. I'm sorry I didn't recognize the obvious tongue-in-cheek. I'm an intentional neophyte when it comes to social media, chats, IM's, Tweets, etc., so emojis often don't even register in my mind. Plus I was exhausted and sore from a whole day of VA Hospital. Since my mind wasn't firing on all eight, your good natured joke went right over my head. None of which was your fault. I'm just happy to know I didn't mess up. Cheers!
  8. Yeah, I discovered the happy-bird-dying phenomenon, a while back. I just keep forgetting to use it. It’s a grind, but I’m bird-watching-killing right now. In fact, I need to test something w/ the bird hunts. You are absolutely right about how easy they are to kill (you can walk right up to and put an arrow through w/out them flying away). You also mentioned that birds pay 25XP, which is absolutely right. However, in an effort to increase that amount, Lara changed into the specialized top and bottom, which are supposed to boost XP when hunting animals. However, the boost isn’t working for me. IOW, even w/ the outfit, birds are still yielding 25XP. I wonder if shooting birds somehow not count towards the “animal hunting”boost. If anyone is interested, the area around the the Hunting Grounds Base Camp (Kuwaq Yaku) , is teaming with all kinds of animals—especially birds. FYI
  9. That’s exactly right. I’ll be the first to mea culpa if the problem turns out to be me. For now, though, with 4 or 5 people reporting exactly the same thing, my intuition leans towards a glitch.
  10. One of my goals in SOTTR is to get all the skills. I wasn’t able to do that in the last two games (Although I got close.) However, now that I’m in San Juan and backtracking for raids and side missions, it’s looking like there won’t be enough earnable XP to get all the skills before the final mission. Since there’s only a handful of skills left, I thought I could revisit the hunting areas and kill anything that moves (has anybody else felt bad about killing the innocent monkeys sitting in trees minding their own business?) Wearing some of the specialized outfit combinations boosts XP earned while hunting, so I assume this is a viable plan. Does anyone know, though, whether predators like wolves and jaguars respawn? I’ve noticed that animals lower on the food chain, like deer or llamas, respawn, but I’m not seeing the predators. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? Once you kill all the wolves in a hunting ground, are they gone for good?
  11. Sorry about that. It never occurred to me that such a tip could be considered a spoiler. My notion of spoilers is giving away plot details or story progression, which would also illuminate mission details that are best discovered organically. I thought I was just sharing something innocuous and easily overlooked. I didn’t really envision it foreshadowing plot details or gameplay to come. But knowing now that was wrong, I’ll be more careful in the future. Thanks for pointing it out.
  12. Anything is possible. Especially forgetting something has already been collected—given all the extended periods of just running around. I had to backtrack to the Tomb with all the Piranha for a couple of underwater survivor caches. I was barely able to grab one before being eaten by the Piranha. (Why did they put all those Piranha around the collectibles with absolutely no cover or no defense? And it’s not like those bloody fish moved around in some traceable pattern.) Then when I respawned and tried for the 2nd cache, nothing was in the glowing map marker. It turned out I had somehow grabbed both caches in the 1st attempt, but the map marker wasn’t being grayed out. So you’re absolutely right about the possibility of this alternate explanation. For me, though, I don’t think that’s happening with this missing gold stash. Using your screenshots, this was my first time in that area. And because the marker for the gold was already selected on my map, it was the first thing I looked for in that room (using survivor sense). I made a beeline to that spot and found nothing but a glowing marker. I turned around and grabbed the relic that was close by, but the gold had vanished into the ether. But then again, we are talking about me here. My friends would tell you this is likely the result of “Jimmy Luck.”
  13. HI RI27. I’m not sure how what you say could be true. I’m pretty sure the player you called out for not giving directions, did, in fact, concur with my initial description of the location. It’s fairly straight forward finding the hutch by marking either the relic or the gold markers on the map. A number of people in this thread commiserated by verifying the floor mat made of interactable sticks. The confusing for finding the hut was never an issue; just how to get underneath that mat. And then Stella posted excellent screen shots that 1) showed exactly the location of the alternate entry point on the map. And then another screen shot of the outside of of the hut containing the tunnel. I haven’t looked at your YouTube video you posted here, because just selecting it freezees the Web page on my iPad. And even when it doesn’t lock altogether, it slows things enough that I had to give up. Regardless,I’m almost certain the information you cited as missing, is, in fact, present. FYI
  14. I don’t mean to rub my 4K upgrade in people’s faces. It is a substantial financial investment. One I really couldn’t afford myself. I justified it by skipping my vacation, and then I made a deal with myself, wherein any freelance writing I sold (during a specific timeframe) would be found money. Subsequently, this has been one of those rare purchases where have no buyer’s remorse. Once I saw how much the visuals, the sound, and the performance were improved, I knew it was worth it. On a related note, there are those who believe 4K/HDR UHD equipment isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. The logic here is that the human eye can only process a certain amount of detail and a certain range of colors. So if the eye can’t see in 4K, what good is 4K equipment. The same argument has been made for UHD 4K digital cameras. That said, I honestly don’t careabout the limitations of the eye; I just know that everything I do in 4K looks amazingly better.
  15. Thanks. Good to know it’s not just me. Maybe they’ll release a patch or an enhanced 4K/HDR version to enhance the native 4K format.
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