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  1. Hi again.. sooo I finished the game, but im only missing the champions bow quest... i talked to uchu , he talked to me about retrieving it... but once he was done talking ... i didnt get the quest, he is still green highlited but he just speaks in his native language... for some reason im not able to do the quest.. i went to the cave ,i see the bow .. but nothing triggers the secuence , any thoughts? Or i guess since I finish the game im no longer able to do it anymore πŸ˜” sad
  2. Now i have another one ... i cant draw my bow it’s frustrating! When i press the LT for charging it just zooms in ... this happened before in peru but it was for a short time, now ive been playing for a long while just walking around trying to fix it but nothing i cant even swap weapons.. nothing happens... im in the hidden city now but i cant target anything or shoot animals or even complete challenges, i have tried everything , i cant even change outfits, i think im done playing for today .. maybe it works tomorrow, sighs
  3. Yes, standing there and nothing!, but when i found the trial of the eagle camp... they appeared in my map ... eventho i had not discovered them ... i dunno but im glad whatever it was its fine now... thx for your help
  4. Hi, i cant find 2 camps in kuwaq yaku ... i realized when the way from camp docks was looong , so i look at the map and im missing base camp temple of life and base camp airfield dirt road.. i have check like 3 times to be sure .. but none of those 2 are there... any help is very much appreciated thx forgot to mention im playing on xbox1 S
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