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  1. SOLVED!

    My underlying root cause error was that this jump requires a bit more precision than others with respect to the release point of the jump.  When I delayed my jump to the point where I thought I was actually too late, I was able to do it with keyboard/mouse.  

    The advice on positioning and rope length, above, was correct and necessary.  Camera positioning as set up by the game is correct - do not change it.


    Thanks everyone for all your help!  Special thanks to Stellalune!



  2. As I said originally, I've jumped right (aimed at the wall), I've jumped straight (turning camera with mouse to look at wall), I've jumped both of those without touching the mouse (in case camera repositioning messed things up).  I've even tried the 2-key diagonal jump.  All met with the same fall-to the-rocks disaster.

    I'm pretty sure the on-line demo I saw of this jump was made from a console play through.  That's why I'm wondering what the aim & jump points are for a keyboard/mouse.

  3. Getting her to jump is not my issue, she jumps, but seems to be facing the wrong way.  Therefore, she won't throw het rope-pick at the target location.  It may be that the camera is forced during the move, affecting the angle.  Some folks have suggested that she may have to move diagonally, something a keyboard doesn't do well because the keys have to be pressed together while both jumping AND throwing the rope-ax!

    Since the direction of a jump is a function of the point of view and the movement command keys, I would like to know (1) where should Lara be facing and (2) which direction she must jump.


  4. Playing on PC with keyboard and mouse.

    I'm trying to get to Unarutu's cell and have been refused permission to use the bridge so I have to climb along a rock wall face to get there.  When I get to the end of the wall and rappel down and swing while running along wall, I need to jump to a rocky wall section located across a fast moving river.  I have been trying to make that jump for over an hour now and can't get the right direction.  I've jumped right, I've jumped up, but no luck.  Lara doesn't even throw her pickax-rope tool at the cliff she needs to get to.  I've see video guides where she makes it, but I must be doing something wrong. 

    Any help is appreciated.

    Jump Problem.JPG

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