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  1. Very near the Fishing Village camp, towards the waterfall, there is a small pool of water that leads to an underwater passage, but it is blocked by a narrow slit-opening that I am unable to squeeze through. Anyone know what the story is with this?
  2. Oh good lord, I have that achievement & didn't even realise there was an achievement for that 🤣
  3. Looks superb on PC with a good rig, all dialled up to max. Really fabulous in fact.
  4. I had difficulty with this one too, and found it was very sensitive to the 'altitude' (for what of a better word). i.e. how long your rope was, and it was essential for the rope to be attached as far to the right as you can go. When I jumped with too short a rope after pendulum'ing (is that a word?), Lara failed to attach to the surface even if it was otherwise timed perfectly.
  5. I surrendered at 45 tries. Oh well, I guess this is beyond me, such it life 🤕
  6. Yeah I have watched it being done on YouTube so I know in theory what to do, but actually doing it... 🙄 I can't even get half way (I had it glitch out once but all the rest were just straight fails)... I am up to 41 tries now & I am going bug-eyed 😂
  7. How embarrassing! I know how to make fear arrows, but I seem to have forgotten how to select and shoot them! (I am using a PC, so keyboard + mouse) 🤪
  8. I managed to do this one after countless tries but I also found it a complete beast, so I feel your pain! 😣
  9. I have watched 'Outrun the Landslide' (Falling Apart, Mission of San Juan) being done on YouTube but I am finding this insanely difficult, even dialled down to lowest difficulty. This is the first time I have been genuinely stuck and 35 tries later, I am wondering about seeking a saved game right after this is over (I am not even getting halfway, I guess my reflexes are not what they used to be 😲)
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