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  1. I've exited and reloaded many times, makes no difference; Wouldn't deleting saved data delete all my progress, I've actually completed the game so mopping up to get 100% but can't?
  2. Does anyone have this problem on PS4 game? I have completed all the challenges in The Hidden City and each one has been ticked as complete when I open up the Side Mission scores. However, it is showing as 98% complete and only 5/6 challenges completed on the The Hidden City score board even though I have completed them?
  3. Ok, great thanks for the advice, I haven’t got to the final battle yet, so I’ll check if I have the double stealth kill skill before I do. Perhaps like you I won’t need it. As I’m no spring chicken, I have trouble with some of the skills remembering which buttons to press, lol.
  4. Thank you all so much for the help, I thought I was going bonkers. Stella’s walkthroughs are so much better than the others due to the detail she puts in, I hope you feel better soon Stella and able to carry on with the walkthrough. (That sounds really selfish, sorry). To be honest I’m surprised to have got this far since the last installment. Kathryn
  5. Hi, Can anyone help, I have just come through the river bed in Shadow of the TR and Laura is about to fight another load of Trinity men, but has no guns just a bow, have I gone wrong somewhere or is this correct? From other screen shots on other walkthroughs she has her guns? Kathryn
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