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  1. Thanks folks! I had been running straight past it for a couple of hours. I might have been drinking.
  2. Thanks Morph - I'm at my desk at the moment but I'll give it a go later tonight. Really appreciate the fast response. God, I'm really enjoying this game. Playing it on hard feels like, well, proper Tomb Raider. Actually getting lost is great! (Except last night!)
  3. Hi there. I think I'm probably missing something but I'm stuck in the post-game and I can't find a way back to a fire. I was making my way through the Cenote (to mop up those pesky effigies) and dropped down into the big central hall where the water wheels open the 2 huge circular doors to the silver box chamber. Well, in the post-game the second circular door is shut, and the rope cranks are disabled so you can't reopen it. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a way back up to the fire I passed before entering the room, either. Am I being really stupid here, or is my Lara doomed to spend t
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