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  1. For me part of the difficulty was that the timing is different than prior Tomb Raider games, with SOTTR, Lara has to react earlier than what I would expect to hazards, while in prior games, Lara generally had to wait until the last moment before reacting to hazards. The other thing is SOTTR continues the tradition of Lara being able to magically turn mid-air during a jump or drop, something that goes all the way back to TR1.
  2. When doing the DLC tombs, some of the interactions were momentary, mostly opening doors that immediately shut when Lara releases whatever triggers them. It finally dawned on me that these triggers are intended for co-op play, where one player does something to hold a door open to allow the other player to go through the doorway. In the case of the Forge, there's one doorway like this, but in single player mode, it automatically opens after the player progresses to a certain point in the tomb, so it doesn't make much difference in that case. For Howl of the Monkey tomb, there are a couple of do
  3. The platform can be moved half of the way so you can use it to jump over to the room on the other side and below, although you should be able to use the rope to get over there also. Once in that room, there's a breakable barrier, which can be used for backtracking, and the rope can be used to go back to the winch, assuming you don't cut the rope, if you do, you'll need to back track to cross back over on the higher level, then drop down when you reach the winch again. You didn't mention where you are stuck.
  4. Lara is sometimes able to get up the wall returning to Flooded Archives before getting climbing arrows (probably a game glitch, I've only been able to do this twice). If she does this just after the QTE event, Flooded Archives is in flames, and the deathless archers are around, going through the motions of shooting arrows (but without any actual arrows). I took a video of this
  5. No, I tried the sequence I mentioned and the jaguar did not respond. You do get the hides from salvage caches, but that is random.
  6. The forge has multiple paths. After the second pendulum (and third pendulum) inside the main forge area, Lara can get to the left ledge, back track, and press a switch to emit gas from the left serpent head, then jump down and use the second pendulum to go to the right path with the circling spikes (this probably only helps for score attack). Once at the main column, there's a ring that can be pulled down with a rope arrow that opens a doorway that connects the outer perimeter lower path to the outer perimeter middle path, but it quickly releases the door. Once the platform is raised to some p
  7. My guess is that you can get the empress jaguar twice. The first time before Lara chats with the local that reveals the empress jaguar, the second time after chatting with the local that reveals the empress jaguar on the map.
  8. On some of the wall runs, I had to switch from pressing left or right to pressing forward just after Lara starts the jump in order to get a wall run + jump to work. Similarly on some of the grapple or jump and grab sequences, especially ones where Lara is sliding down some slope or in a QTE, I had to press grapple/grab earlier than what I would expect for the grapple/grab to work. In prior Tomb Raider games, it worked better if you waited longer before pressing grapple/grab.
  9. I've looked on youtube for score attack videos to pick up the few score items along the path shown in the video, but can't find any. At the start of the video, Lara is facing the second pendulum, and prior to the start of the video, the gas was initially emitted from the right serpent head. Lara needed to get to the left side from either the second or third pendulum, then pushed a switch so that gas is emitted from the left serpent head, then jumped back down to face the second pendulum again, which is where this video starts. The pistol flare round can be used for a delayed ignition of the g
  10. I forgot to mention, for the final game phase started by Lara talking to Etzli, Lara switch to any top or boot cover (just not complete outfits) before talking to Etzli, and complete the game with that top and boot covers.
  11. If in lower (not upper) Paititi, Lara can wear any top or boot cover combination, and all this does is disable chat with some of the locals. The merchants and main storyline characters will still interact with Lara regardless of what she is wearing. I didn't check if all the missions require specific outfits.
  12. What versions are broken? I see version 247, 243, in addition to 241 which should work?
  13. I think I was trying to use the grapple jump instead of the scramble jump after the scramble jump didn't work after a few tries.
  14. Thanks I updated my prior post. The wolf den is where Lara first enters Paititi. I had to press the map (tab) key to see the reveal for some of these, and the reveal could be due to location rather than due to the chat with a local.
  15. I made a video showing one way to get to that ledge, but I suspect there is supposed to be an easier way.
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