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  1. Thanks Stellalune I am going to try that , if it does not work I will send you my save. Thanks al lot for now!
  2. I am still stuck on that section I end up in the water every time cant stop myself or laura from rapelling down. I tryed everything the arrows the mouse it doesnot react to anything. anybody can help me ??
  3. yes so was I now I am trapped in the spiders rappeling down straight into the water everytime I want to make the jump to the other side, any tips for me
  4. yes that one , I find myself back in the water every time cant stop myself from falling grrrrrr. thanks a lot !I will need it not much time these days , have to find time at the holidays!
  5. oh that would be nice then I am allready stuk in the spidercave jumping and rapelling does not work , but I keep on trying. when I start screaming I will contact you again. thanks a lot for your help and mij best wishes for the new year !
  6. thank you so much for the explanation, followed it to the letter and it worked, I was doing something wrong I found out. thanks so much for youre help also rcgldr thanks. now ik can move forward hihih, have a great weekend and a peacefull Xmas ! Liel
  7. still it wont go , so maybe I use the wrong folder?
  8. i copy and pasted into the saved files but no luck. Or I am doing something wrong , do I need to rename it ? it is steam ,userdata,149471705, 203160 and then save file ! And I play the game on a pc, and it is about that she leaves the area with the plaine and the 5 mercenaries ? sorry for my maybe stupid questions ?? greatings from Lilian save1.dat
  9. I am going to try is thank you very much, hope youre car is working again !
  10. Got a problem in the area with the plane and the mecenaries do you have a savefile ? Thanjs alot for helping me I play the game on my computer

  11. get stuck at the mecenaries at the plain, anyone has a save file . been at it for days . I amplaying the on a pc thanks Liel
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