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  1. Thank you both, I'll try. I play on PS.
  2. Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. However, how do you choose where to save the game because it saves automatically ?
  3. Hello everyone !! I have a few questions regarding the game. I'm almost at the end where you have to agree to one mission from the litte paititi boy and before agreeing, the games asks you if you're sure. If you go further, is it true you can't travel from campfire to campfire anymore? Second, I want to get all the items and do all the challenges before, do you know if I have to kill all ennemies again while revisiting a place? In the cenote, a friend had to help me kill all these awful monsters and I don't want to be stuck there again.... Thank you so much
  4. Bonsoir et merci de votre réponse ! Votre français est parfait! ll y a possibilité de jouer les DLC dans le jeu principal? Je pensais qu"on ne pouvait y jouer que par le biais des Challenge Tombs. Pensez-vous qu'il soit faisable qu'une personne me donne une sauvegarde et que je la mette sur clé usb pour enfin passer ce niveau? Je regarderai les vidéos mais je ne me sens pas capable de réussir. Merry Christmas 🎅
  5. Hello everyone and happy christmas eve!!! I have two questions. Is it possible to use someone else back-up when you play on ps4? I'm stuck where you have to kill all these monsters in the cenote!! Second question, I started playing the second extension and my progress hasn't been saved, is it normal? Do we have to finish the extension as soon as we start it? Thank you very much ! Florence
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