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  1. Stella, I saw your note about this jump in your walkthrough, and just happened to be in this area today on my 4th play-through, so I saved at the checkpoint and went back later to see what I was doing and what worked reliably. Playing on PC with mouse and keyboard (well, mouse and gaming keypad). What works multiple times in a row for me: Walk up to ledge after checkpoint. Take my hand off the mouse and leave it off for the duration. Grapple-jump to rough patch. Do not adjust Lara, the camera, or anything. Wall run back and forth, letting the wall crumble, until I am feeling brave, then jump from the far right and *immediately* hit interact for the grapple (and I mean immediately). I hit 10 in a row doing that after missing the first one because I did not grapple quickly enough. Does anyone else have a favorite method?
  2. Thanks. I went through a stretch leaving Kuwaq Yaku where almost none of them were displaying, then got to Paititi and did a major sweep of the lower city and almost all of them were, so, shrug? I'm convinced now after making the change in the graphics settings that I am seeing what other PC players are seeing and am satisfied. I did do spot checks against your screenshots trying to catch one that was blinking for you and not me, but the ones I checked all seemed to agree. A lot of the ones that *are* blinking are like a 3 watt bulb and I actually get the interact graphic to dig them up before i back up and notice the blink, but I guess you already know that 8-). Also, thanks for uploading the San Juan post-landslide checkpoint--now I can play the game without dreading it quite so much this pass and worrying that this time I might get really stuck. It took me 3 hours over two days to get through that sequence the first time. I'm not sure if I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, or if it was just blind luck that finally got me through the first time...
  3. TLDR/Summary: On PC, about what percentage of survival caches should I see blinking? I get around half. Rambling version: Running SotTR on PC with a GTX 970 and latest nVidia drivers. Only about 6 of them blinked for me in RotTR, but I had read comments from others that a lot of them didn’t have a visible blink due to lighting conditions/whatever, so it didn’t alarm me and I found them by luck, Stella’s most excellent descriptions, or by finding the backpacks (thanks largely to Stella) and going back and waypointing them. On my first play through of SotTR, though, exactly zero of them blinked, and I read comments indicating this was not true for everyone. So, whilst starting on my second pass, I found a cache within sight of a campsite, and started changing graphics settings from the main in-game (as opposed to the startup) menu one at a time. Turning on “Lens Flare” got it blinking (what the two have to do with each other is anyone’s guess). But I am still only getting blinking on about half of them. Is this what I should expect, or is more driver settings research needed? Some of the ones that don’t blink are in shaded/dark areas, where I would think it should work (shrug)?