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  1. You are on the way back from rescuing Unaratu and have just pulled one archer off a cliff, right? *IF* (and it is a big if) I remember correctly, there is a wooden ramp to the right of the decorated door and you jump off and grab a climbing wall. If that isn't it, check Stella's walkthrough and guide at: https://tombraiders.net/stella/tomb11.html under "Area 11: The Hidden City (Upper Paititi)" and locate where you are and where to go. Have Fun!
  2. Things that took me a long time to notice: Cozumel The “fake” implied defaced date of 13, 0, 0, 0, 0 is the end of the long count on 21 December 2012 that spawned those two terrible movies and a lot of pop culture woo. (I also checked Lara’s math on the difference between that and 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, and, yes, it is around 2000 years.) Peru Jungle The airplane wreckage has two right wings. No wonder the plane broke in two and crashed. Percy Fawcett served in the Royal Artillery. As mentioned in another thread on this board that I can’t locate right now, you don’t actually have to fight the two jaguars in your first jaguar encounter. If you run laps around the central pillar the game gives up after about 12 laps and starts the QTE to end the sequence. As a bonus, you get plenty of time to eyeball the three sets of monkey cheering sections (two on overhead limbs and one on the exit ledge) every lap. I’m never quite sure if they are cheering for Lara or the jaguars. No matter. They paid for their seat and have the right to cheer for either team 8-). Croft Manor The solution to the final bit of the light puzzle is in plain sight on an enormous tapestry hanging under spotlights right next to the board. One of the artifacts is a Chalice of Saint John, and the description specifically details the legend of the serpent in the cup. No wonder Lara knew about that. There is also a Kukulkan display, but young Lara doesn’t reveal what the description says. That might explain how Lara was so quick to recognize him in the mural in Cozumel, though. Paititi In the Trial of the Serpent, you can set the oil on fire with fire arrows, though it might take a few. San Juan The large fresco of the heron and the eclipse in the library seems to be lacking exactly 50% of the requirements, namely an eclipse. It looks like a huge heron and a rising (or setting) sun to me. On the bright (hah!) side, this helps me give Jonah a pass on not noticing a 20 foot fresco dominating the room when Lara asks him to look for a heron and an eclipse. Maybe he was just being very precise—“Heron? Check. Eclipse? Nope. Ok then--got to keep looking.” The first thing you are shown in San Juan, even before the stone faces, is Chekhov’s volcano. During the fights against Trinity from outside the Church all the way through to the Cane Field and Distillery, this volcano that dominates the horizon is totally erupting. Ash clouds are filling the skies, flames and lava are at the summit, and volcanic ash is falling like rain. Lava bombs are being thrown through the air. And NO ONE MENTIONS IT. Is it like the Main Street Parade at Disney World and it erupts several times a day for the tourists and Trinity is so bored with it that they no longer notice? Other odds and ends: Is everyone an earthquake psychic? How can they tell the difference between a foreshock and a main earthquake in real time? Maybe it was just a small earthquake, and that was it. To quote wiki, “The designation of an earthquake as foreshock, mainshock or aftershock is only possible after the full sequence of events has happened.” I don’t think the investigator at the murder mystery sequence in Paititi has much of a future in CSI. Lara asks him what he knows about the stabbing victim, and he answers that the victim was stabbed with “something pointy and very sharp.” Thanks a lot, Sherlock. Real specific there. We’ll rule out a cricket bat, then. Oh wait—there ARE no cricket bats in Paititi. Vocabulary words I have learned in this game—atlatl, cenote, ensorcelled, falconet (sadly, *not* a small raptor), ixik, molosser, morion (sadly, *not* an idiot that has a non-zero net electric charge), Pan-Pan, pishtaco (sadly, *not* a fish taco), quipu, and syncretism. Oh, and someone somewhere in the rebellion *still* owes me an apology over the entire Colqui ambush thing. I’ll spare you my rant about Q'orianka being an obnoxious ungrateful cow, as well as my theory that Abby is the head of the Ortiz crime family and a serial killer.
  3. I play on PC--for that you hit the ESC key, then choose "Save Game", then pick your save slot. Stella has this to say about the other platforms "On Xbox or PS4, open the Pause Menu and choose Change Save Slot." If this doesn't help, tell us what platform you are on and someone who plays on that platform will chip in to assist you.
  4. Hi! Once you talk to the little boy (Etzli) in the cave you start the final segments of the main story, and won't be able to fast travel anywhere until the main story is complete. There is one campfire/base camp in this part of the story, and you can add skills, change outfits, and change weapons there, but cannot fast travel anywhere. Because of this, before you start, you might want to save the game in a new spot before you talk to the boy--that way, if things don't work out, you can get back to where you were. Once the main story line is completed, you will have the option to continue this game and you will be able to fast travel to any campfire in the game and clean up any missed collectibles and do any tombs, crypts, or quests you might have passed on the first time. When you kill an enemy in this game, it stays dead, so you won't have to kill anything again that you have already defeated once, so don't worry about that bit. I have also not heard of/seen any new enemies spawn in old areas. If you don't mind spoilers, be sure and check out Stella's exhaustive and most excellent and detailed walkthrough/game guide at: https://tombraiders.net/stella/tomb11.html Have fun!
  5. It is ok. The outside world is bigger than 100 Paititi's. 8-)
  6. I feel you on shotguns. That stupid side-by-side is going to get me killed on my “Percy” run. DO a bow-only run—it is fun, As for bow damage, well, the devs did such a pathetic job on gun stats that I regard all the weapon stats as suspect. For instance—the break action shotgun is displayed as having a higher rate of fire and reload speed than the various Bishop 600 incarnations, which is ludicrous. Sure it does, for two shots… As opposed to say, Far Cry, that sort of absurdity makes me think none of the devs has ever been to the range. Thanks for commenting,
  7. Just finished a bow-only run, and I found it a lot of fun. The game was a Game +, so I started with almost all skills plus my Eagle bonus skills, and soon enough had the other useful bonus skills as well. I also set the combat to “Easy”. To be clear, I did not do this run for the challenge—I am 56 with arthritis in my hands and wanted this run as easy as possible. I did it for fun and to experience the combat sequences in a new way and think about them differently. Starting with Sip’s Strike (increased charged shot damage against armored enemies when using a bow) and Sip’s Quiver (loose up to three [uncharged] arrows without pulling from the quiver) was a huge help. Sip’s quiver is what you use in place of the shotgun—you can get off 3 shots in a second whilst still using a high-damage bow (Heart of the Eagle or Atlatl—I used the Atlatl as I tend to use long hold times on initial shots and the Sip’s negated its longer draw time in emergencies). I had play-tested a bow in shotgun situations before (when I had stupidly taken that break-action shotgun into a situation with Yaaxil rushing me), so my only two worries were (1) the refinery using only the wimpy bow you find, and (2) running out of arrows on the final boss fight. Neither one was an issue. On Easy combat difficulty, the refinery fight was, well, easy, even with that bow. Once I got tucked in on the left side of that indestructible round thing (the helicopter AI is broken and if you stay on the left side by the ammo, it will stay on the right instead of swapping sides on you) and killed the guys who try to rush you, I could take my time and blow up barrels (that bow is so wimpy you have to use a charged shot to set them off) and use a couple of Fear arrows (these seemed really effective with multiple Trinity goons jammed together on those ledges). Ammo turned out to be no problem in the final fight. I started out with a full quiver, full wood, and a lot of feathers, and finished with 29 arrows ready, 43 wood, and 32 feathers. I also picked up the couple of quivers of arrows laying around and recovered all the arrows I could from Jaguar Warrior corpses. I guess I used a bit more than 100 arrows, which surprised me, since, when I play-tested this section using only the bolt action rifle, it also took me around 100 shots on easy difficulty. I mainly used non-charged shots on Amaru, especially in the latter stages when I had to hit and move, so I expected to use a lot more arrows than that. Two notes on the final combat. One, I took out the Jaguar Warrior adds first every cycle, as I didn’t need them shooting me or sneaking up on me while I was concentrating on Amaru. Two, Amaru/Dr. Demento is a *terrible* shot with a bow. You can tell he didn’t grow up in Paititi. If you can get him into a long range duel with a ranged weapon, you can do a lot of damage while he shoots arrows in the general direction of your zip code. He might be a better shot in higher combat difficulties, so watch out. Once he starts teleporting, it is difficult to get him to take you on at range, but, up close, he is vulnerable to Sip’s Quiver if you scramble away quickly enough after the 3 shots. My next run will be a “Percy” run, using period weapons for the Fawcett expedition and no healing (he lost two members of his expedition to infection of their wounds, so, clearly, healing and wound care was not a priority). I’ll carry: J&D Model 27 revolver Sedgewick 707 double-barreled break action shotgun Redding bolt action rifle If these weapons were good enough for Lieutenant Colonel Percival H. “Difficulties be damned” Fawcett to get his expedition killed and swallowed up by the Peruvian jungle, then they are good enough to get *my* Peruvian expedition killed and, erm, hmmm. Maybe I didn’t think this all the way through… 8-)
  8. Stella, I saw your note about this jump in your walkthrough, and just happened to be in this area today on my 4th play-through, so I saved at the checkpoint and went back later to see what I was doing and what worked reliably. Playing on PC with mouse and keyboard (well, mouse and gaming keypad). What works multiple times in a row for me: Walk up to ledge after checkpoint. Take my hand off the mouse and leave it off for the duration. Grapple-jump to rough patch. Do not adjust Lara, the camera, or anything. Wall run back and forth, letting the wall crumble, until I am feeling brave, then jump from the far right and *immediately* hit interact for the grapple (and I mean immediately). I hit 10 in a row doing that after missing the first one because I did not grapple quickly enough. Does anyone else have a favorite method?
  9. Thanks. I went through a stretch leaving Kuwaq Yaku where almost none of them were displaying, then got to Paititi and did a major sweep of the lower city and almost all of them were, so, shrug? I'm convinced now after making the change in the graphics settings that I am seeing what other PC players are seeing and am satisfied. I did do spot checks against your screenshots trying to catch one that was blinking for you and not me, but the ones I checked all seemed to agree. A lot of the ones that *are* blinking are like a 3 watt bulb and I actually get the interact graphic to dig them up before i back up and notice the blink, but I guess you already know that 8-). Also, thanks for uploading the San Juan post-landslide checkpoint--now I can play the game without dreading it quite so much this pass and worrying that this time I might get really stuck. It took me 3 hours over two days to get through that sequence the first time. I'm not sure if I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, or if it was just blind luck that finally got me through the first time...
  10. TLDR/Summary: On PC, about what percentage of survival caches should I see blinking? I get around half. Rambling version: Running SotTR on PC with a GTX 970 and latest nVidia drivers. Only about 6 of them blinked for me in RotTR, but I had read comments from others that a lot of them didn’t have a visible blink due to lighting conditions/whatever, so it didn’t alarm me and I found them by luck, Stella’s most excellent descriptions, or by finding the backpacks (thanks largely to Stella) and going back and waypointing them. On my first play through of SotTR, though, exactly zero of them blinked, and I read comments indicating this was not true for everyone. So, whilst starting on my second pass, I found a cache within sight of a campsite, and started changing graphics settings from the main in-game (as opposed to the startup) menu one at a time. Turning on “Lens Flare” got it blinking (what the two have to do with each other is anyone’s guess). But I am still only getting blinking on about half of them. Is this what I should expect, or is more driver settings research needed? Some of the ones that don’t blink are in shaded/dark areas, where I would think it should work (shrug)?
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