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  1. um.. never mind... I've downloaded your save on the beginning of the level.. took me 4 tries, and I've passed it. My save was obviously glitched...
  2. Hello Stellalune. I'm having some issues with this level.. not a problem with reflexes or anything.. but after running the first part, jumping over that pick up truck, through the house, and then on some horizontal poles that swing.. she cat walks the poles, jumps, climbs on top of the ledge and stops. Nothing happens. i can move, slide doesn't come, music stops, people keep pulling a guy on the roof over and over again.. lara looks around herself.. but nothing happens. I can't move forward... screenshot: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkGt5XEmIYl_mxGnPCtI9BUqAknM any ideas about this glitch??
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