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  1. MiamiDade

    In need of help

    Again, I still need help with this. I need the correct controls to get her off of the piece of floor that will crumble if she doesn't move. I have tried everything that I can possibly think of. Along with following walkthroughs. How can I get past this?
  2. MiamiDade

    In need of help

    That is what I have been doing, and she still dies. :\ I'm never gonna get past it.
  3. MiamiDade

    Currently Playing...

    I'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and TR Legend.
  4. MiamiDade

    In need of help

    I have done everything that I can possibly think of to keep Lara from dying over and over. I'm stuck right where the floor starts to crumble, and you have to get her out of harm's way. I have tried every button, and she still seems to die. Even with going by what it says on the screen as well. Any idea on what I can do to get past this?