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  1. Ta Prohm This is my newest drawing of our restless heroine. Enjoy.: )
  2. Nice & characteristic drawings,Jedd.It seems your favourite game's Legend.
  3. Thank you for these marvellous scans,dr.willard.
  4. No,these screens are from Tomb Raider Underworld.
  5. Here's the Planet Lara's Underworld site: Tomb Raider Underworld Lara man:Yes,Crystal Dynamics did an astute work.
  6. I've always been interested in the textures,sculptures and wall-paintings what I could see in the Tomb Raider games. I discovered some stunning mayan carvings,what can be found in the last Tomb Raider game,Underworld. My first revelation: (the skull carving on the ground,that's a relief from the Chichen Itza Great Ballcourt) Second finding: (In the background,you can see the stone faces of Chaac on the wall-those are from Kabah )
  7. Wow.The concept art's very impessive.Thank you for the news Tom & Gia.
  8. Liked: -Graphics(of course) -first part of the game Disliked: -wall run(especially in Atlantis) -several bosses -time trials
  9. Same here.We don't know anything for sure about Episode 3...unless that (according to some sources) parts of the episode will probably be set further north, possibly in Arctic conditions. Oh,by the way,here's my favourite moment of the game: http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/1817/half...etwo2007bg7.jpg
  10. Yay! Finally,I've got the game and I finished it.It's awsome. However,at the end I was so sad...poor Eli.
  11. Actually,I can't afford it.But I'll save money to get this fantastic FPS game.It's worth it.
  12. Oh,lucky you.I'm a big fan of Half Life and I still haven't got Episode Two.
  13. Thank you,Purple.I suppose you'll get this program soon...
  14. Here are some new photomanipulation.
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