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  1. Yes, it downloaded and installed the update when i first got it up and running last week is there a way to check for patches etc. ?
  2. This has most likely been reported before.. The most ‘buggy’ and annoying technical problems i have ever had in a game sadly 1. The intermittent wild camera spins...running along and the camera view suddenly goes mad, spinning round when i am not even touching the paddle Makes ‘timed runs’ impossible 2. At the early cut scene outside of Croft manor, the game refused to load the scene, looked like a buffering wheel icon only..i finally had to ‘skip’ the whole scene to get passed it to the rest of the game i have tried 2 separate controllers (incl the original one that came wit
  3. NI create the rope bridge, cross (X) it then use the axe (circle) to attach to wall and then climb up to the right...then jump up again to next ledge above...i then move along as far right as i can go and can see the axeable rock face to the right...Lara is hanging right and looking across I use Left/X to jump right and then hit the Circle button to axe the wall, but she never seems to do that, i simply fall down... forget that...i am an idiot .... should be using the Square button to clamp axe to wall...doh!
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