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  1. Hi All, Two questions about weapons: 1) I know what the 3 types of special arrows are. I also have 2 kinds of special ammo for the rifle, 1 for the handgun, and 2 for the shotgun. Can someone help me understand what exactly those are? 2) When I scroll through the weapons inventory, there are gray bars for damage, speed, capacity, etc... My understanding is that the longer the bar, the more effective the weapon is at that particular task. Some/many of the gray bars are extended by red or green lines. What are those? I've fully upgraded so it's not potential. And a bo
  2. Hi Tom. Followed your advice and got the red diamond. Was able to fire at multiple enemies at once. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks - I'll give it a shot and report back
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for the detailed response. I've tried your suggested method. I draw the bow with L2, aim with the right analog stick, zoom in with R3, and hold R2 to draw the bow. When I do that, I get the red decreasing bulls-eye indicating the bow has been drawn to full strength. But I never get the red dot/diamond. When I use the right analog stick to select my second target, the first one doesn't stay locked. The red bulls-eye dot just moves to the second target. This means I can only target one person at a time. What am I doing wrong? Any further suggestions. Again - I a
  5. I've unlocked Howlers Troop I and II, but am having difficulty getting it to work in the game. I can sight the first target, but I can't get the diamond/lock. This means that when I move the right analog stick, I just change targets instead of having one locked, and moving on to the second. I'm using a PS4. Can anyone help advise me please? How do these controls work?
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