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  1. Hello everyone! I had seen videos how to beat him in this series. Some of videos r too quick and seem easy for gamers like can’t be real? Lol how y’all beat him? I had tried many times to get him and it’s hard!! My arms already killing me and being sore and make me wanna throw the game away lol. Is there a way to skip this part or something ? Lol 😂 does anyone have best suggestion how to beat him? I know when I start, repeating, kept showing square button of reload and I do it and then it’s show up again. It’s using the big boom gun thingy. How many times y’all count to finish him?
  2. Thanks for your help! I was using ps4 controller. I had figured it out, it took me a while. Like you say, had to use R1 or R2 to charge the arrow to finally make a rope to connect. Just getting the hang of it. Thanks again for your help! Appreciate it!! I did tried to show photo but kept saying it’s too large on my question post.
  3. Thank you! I had played before and I figured I played again and I feel like in a maze in that area lol and just confused where to go but I made it to the other side and actually completed the game last night! So Happy! Now am playing rise of the Tomb Raider. Thanks for your reply! Appreciate it! 👌
  4. What if bridge was already out and I am at the area where I can’t go past that since it don’t seem that far to grab axe to get on the wall... is there other suggestion to get up there? I am totally stuck up here .. thanks!
  5. Hello, I am at part where in the mountain village, I have to shoot the arrow to rope the next part. I kept doing that but no luck, it won’t even hit the white thingy to connect even so had red mark on it. I even use gun to aim because I read of tip in other topic situation. No luck. I am trying to get to top of mountain to find Captain Jessup with blue smoke up in the air. does anyone have solution to help me out? thanks!!
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