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    Making siggies (if you want a sig ask me!)Playing comp games, listening to my fave music, designing stuff(outfits, custom levels, images...); painting, drawing and lots of other stuff. <br />I like studying languages, and right now I'm going on Deutsch lessons, and in my free time I study Japanese through the Internet :D<br />I have got a new site, I'll appreciate a visit :P XD<br /><br />If you wanna be friends ask me :D I don't bite.

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  1. Ahhh... I forgot the Centaurs, but I also voted for Natla, just because I couldn't figure out immediately how to kill here(aslo that goes for the Centaurs).
  2. I won't mind background music, but aslong it's not like in Legend - a full soundtrack where there is playing music. I'd like the ambience soundtracks like in the classic TR games.
  3. Hi guys. I've been gone for a while and now I'm back I'm soo happy. Now the reason I haven't been on the forums is that I had lost my password and actually I made an acount by the name J_Sab which I'd like to be deleted, cos I found the pass for this one Thanks in advance I'm happy to be here once again
  4. Well with LE you make TR levels and you can get it here
  5. Miss Croft ROCKS! :D

  6. Here a funny screenshot - sorry for the bad resolution: What?! Lara can crouch like in the classic games:
  7. Hi Here i'll ask for help with LE (if anyone knows hehe) So, I soon started with the LE and i have trouble with placing objects over 1. Example: I've placed a colum object then i place Lara(which counts for a second object in a room) and the first object( the colum0 disapears Does anyone know what's how can i place over one object in a room?
  8. Lucky You Good luck finishing the game
  9. Well i'll have to convince my parents to buy me a Wii and then i'll buy the game. Actually how much does a Wii cost?
  10. I was wondering when you start playing TRA game(for a first time) how many times do you usualy die? I'll say that i die maybe...from 10 to 15 times maybe more!
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