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  1. I'm just getting started. I'm at the beginning of Thailand. I have to say that on the PC version the scenery is beautiful. I'm so happy that Lara can stomp spiders now, instead of shooting them!
  2. I just saw a little news clip about her blue dress, the one she wore backwards. It's looks better backwards than the way it was designed to be worn. Good call on Angelina's part. Any actress who tells reporters she looks for what is comfortable is my kind of person. Comfort! Just like a hobbit!
  3. Thank you, Shrensh and AngelR! I'm loving Underworld!
  4. Hiddy-ho fellow Raiders, I guess I should introduce myself, too. I was on here for a very short time last year, then started having computer troubles and ended up drifting away. Things have changed so much since I first registered that at first I thought I had the wrong Forums! I'm probably the oldest person here, so I refer to myself as the "old Raider!" Ah well, my opinion is that you're never too old to love Lara Croft. I've completed all of the games (several times) except for AOD, which just stopped working for me, right before my computer problems last year. Uhh, I mean all
  5. Had to cost a fortune! If you'd asked me 5 years ago if she'd be color coordinating with someone, I'd have laughed! Our Angelina color coordinating? Naaahhh. They do look very classy.
  6. Is that a gorgeous coat she's wearing, or what?! A nice lightweight gray wool. Very nice pix. Thank you!
  7. I had a feeling this was coming. The new movie has been put off for so long. I wondered if Angelina would just shrug it off. It does make me sad though. But I look forward to the new Lara.
  8. TR3 for me, too. Revelation was hard as well. TR1 was really hard for me at first, but of course I was just learning. After I had developed the skills, I was not so happy about all the changes starting with Legend, but, of course, I've gotten a gamepad and moved on. Definitely TR3. I got to a point where AOD just quit working at all. I gave up on it and haven't got back to it. I did luck up and get a nice poster of it though.
  9. Thanks ImBatman and Slamboy. (Sorry if I misspelled the names.) I sorely miss those side jumps. They got me out of a lot of trouble! Just isn't the same in Legend. Falcon
  10. Hey Everyone , What I want to know is whether anyone has heard anything about new moves for Lara in the 10th Anniversary issue. I wish they would put some of the old moves back, too. Has anyone heard? And Happy Easter and Spring to all. Falcon
  11. Hey Stella, I am in TR2 hanging out on a balcony at Bartolli's hideout. Not exactly TR1 anniversary grade but does this count for anything? Haven't had luck loading TR1 on XP, but now I have the instructions and will get it done soon. I'm new to the forum, so I am in the middle of figuring out this neat new stuff here. Good raiding to all. Thanks to Stella for her great help, from the Old Raider. I have been going nuts trying to wipe out that crazy sea serpent in Legend! Falcon ^_^
  12. Greetings to all, I am the new kid on the block, at for the moment. I haven't a clue about how to do this!! Wish you all well. Falcon
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