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  1. My vote is also with TR2 I loved how it introduced much more elements to the gameplay. However, 5 is up there pretty high because they gave us a real level editor. Sure there was a level editor b4 that one but they didn't give us that one. Anyhow they are all really really incredibly fun and entertaining games. dear Tom@LCO.. you clearly forgot to vote since I voted on 2 and there is still only 1 vote for 2
  2. *waves back at Angelina as if she could see me waving at her photos*
  3. I really like the "Annie Leibovitz Photoshoot for Louis Vuitton, Cambodia (May 2011)" photo its beautiful.
  4. Hmm seems like its not showing up.. I need a better thing to host files I guess tried a new place to host the pic.. hopefully this one stays.
  5. I ended up playing through the whole game on Co-op first go around but was not finding it challenging enough so we made up a rule that we had to go through each level without dieing when we died we would restart the level. This made the game last a lot longer and sooo much fun when you end up beating the levels it feels like a real accomplishment.
  6. Hey Tom I just wanted to surprise you. I made this for you Hope you enjoy it!! Hope everyone else likes this as well.
  7. Wow nice work Olga they look fantastic soo many of them too FANTASTIC
  8. I just watched Death Race 2 thought it was pretty awesome if you like games like Twisted Metal.. or any type of car combat. Anyone looking to watch this movie you don't need to have seen the first one the 2nd one is actually a prequal to the first movie <--- Which is also Awesome
  9. Anyone else looking forward to this game?? Too me it looks like a mix between Demon's Souls and Resident Evil 5 but with Co-op Also its by Bethesda who are the makers of Oblivion which was very supportive of MODs so... Keep an eye on this game if your not. also will be on PS3 and Xbox but don't expect mods for those.
  10. My favourite Non-Tomb Raider game so far is MX Vs ATV Reflex. Its not a very good quad game but its an excellent dirtbiking game and I LOVE dirtbiking. Only complaint is come on give us a Track Editor already... Last dirtbiking game to have a good editor was Motorcross madness 2. Its the most realistic dirtbiking game to date. I love that they have Terrain Deformation in it, I really hope companies learn from this game.
  11. Shaping up pretty good looks like they are going back to 2d side fighting instead of 3d I'm liking the tag team thing makes it possible to play like co-op and 4-player matches. Wish they'd reveal a character Roster.
  12. The Playstation 3 can out put to HDMI.. if your monitor has a DVI port which many do you may need to get a HDMi to DVI converter you can pick on up at a radio shack or find it online. That is what I am doing I have my computer going to VGA and my PS3 to my DVI port and can switch between the two easily. Hope this Helps.
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