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  1. Hi! I have the PS2 version because that is the only consol I have and I can't afford a PS3 or a new computer! I wasn't expecting the graphics to be as good as the other versions such as PS3 but I was expecting them to be as good as Legend or TRA for example! But hey, I didn't think they were THAT bad really! I guess we did miss out on some of the stuff, like the new moves which were shown in trailers etc. but I guess that is what you're paying more for. I'm not saying that PS2 players of this game are unreasonable to be disapointed in this game compared to what we could have had if we'd b
  2. Awesome!!! I cannot wait for this game! Oh and no-one has said yet how pretty and shiny her hair is lol
  3. Thanks for the link! Looks AMAZING! I can't wait either!
  4. I LOVE Keeley and her voice so much!!!! I havn't seen that advert before though! I have seen Keeley Hawes on telly though Keeley Hawes rock on!
  5. LOL!!! No!!! I tapped all of the buttons but I didn't think to hold down crawl! It worked lol!!! Thank you TRXpert!!! The hint was in "crawlspace" though wasn't it lol, I feel silly now hehe Thanks for your reply! And Raider Man too!
  6. Hello! Please can anyone offer any advice... I'm playing Tomb Raider Last Revelation on Playstation. I am on the level called Temple of Poseidon and I have collected all four tridents. My problem is that I have placed 3 out of four of the tridents on top of the pole things, BUT on the room where you have to jump over a fire burner... ("Enter the WEST ROOM. Here you'll find a huge stone face, along with two tall rectangular blocks decorated with images of snakes.There's a raised crawlspace in the corner to the left of the big face. Approach it carefully. The black circle is a burner that
  7. LOL You never know lol! I love the walk at the end! Like, I just blew up my mansion and I don't even care lol
  8. Wow! Looks cool! Lol Yeah I was gonna say that this could be the ending, otherwise we don't get to go in her house lol Anywhoo! exciting stuff
  9. Hey!

    Hows it going?

    Hope you had a good xmas!

    Happy New Year!

    Emily x

  10. Merry Christmas! All my best wishes for the New Year! Have a good one x X X
  11. Thanks, I just looked at the gallery also, can't wait tee hee!
  12. Hey Happy Thanksgiving! I don't celebrate it so erm, what is thanksgiving?? Sorry if thats a stupid question! I've only seen it mentioned on friends and it involves turkey but thats all I know lol Have a good day anyway x
  13. I'm soooooo bored! LOL If anyone wants a TR or a non-TR chat ur welcome I'm in there now
  14. Hiya Motoko!

    Hows it going?


    Emily x

  15. Cool ideas! I love the ideas about a bigger house, more rooms, cars, horse riding, motorbikes, winston and others being able to talk and do more and give granola bars...lol! I would like the mansion to be like TRA where you could read books and play the instruments in the music room and comment on the relics that you've found! I lol'd when some people are putting things like "...to make it more realistic" and others are like ..."kill winston and then he comes alive again" or "practise shooting on winston" and "more farting for winston"!!! So basically in the next TR mansion we would like m
  16. Thanks Shrensh I couldn't find out if the switch was suposed to be there or not!!! You don't get bugs like that on PS2 you know...
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