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  1. I didn't know where else to post this... [url=http://www.g4tv.com/g4/press/224/G4_PRESENTS_UNPRECENDETED_WEEKLONG_PRIMETIME_COVERAGE_AS_THE_OFFICIAL_BROADCASTE R_OF_THE_2008_E3_MED%20IA__BUSINESS_SUMMIT.html]E3 TRU demo[/url It looks like on Wed. they will have the TRU demo, but I don't know if that includes trailer.
  2. I was listening to the podcast where the composer was interviewed. He said the score was much more orchestral and wouldn't have the drum beats like Legend. I like the music from TRL. I have most of the songs on CD and listen to them regularly in my car. I'll miss the drum beats, but if the TR8 theme music is any indication of the rest of the music, then it's gonna be awesome as well.
  3. I am so excited about the underwater stuff. Just think, the only info we have so far is from the first level! I can only hope the levels after don't disappoint. I can't wait for the stickies, I suck at aiming as well, which begs me to ask if there will be auto aiming?
  4. Tombraider.com has been updated with 4 new concept art drawings.
  5. So following the ethos," what could Lara do," and the idea that you can explode sharks...... does that mean that you could put sticky grenades on panthers and bad guys and have them explode too? I hope so!
  6. Unlockable side missions would be great for finding secrets. Say for every level if you found all the secrets, then you get a side mission in that location. I know that's asking too much, but it would be nice. At least one secret mission for finding all the secrets would be great. I forgot that the dual pistols were back! but yeah, I couldn't find any info on whether or not it was unlimited ammo. I have a feeling it will be as I think they know fans would be upset to have that iconic weapon back and then run out of ammo.
  7. Okay, I just had to say something because I feel like maybe I'm the only one bothered by them. I've looked at all the screenshots from underworld and the length from her knees to her ankles is ridiculous. This is something that I've noticed in TRL and TRA. Her calves and boots always look HUGE! I mean the length form her knees to her ankles are noticeably longer the length of her thighs and they should be relatively the same. Again, maybe it's just me, but the proportions look off. Don't get me wrong, she looks AWESOME, its just one of those things that I notice. Maybe they did it to even out her boobs?
  8. I can't wait to play it on my PS3! I just wish developers would give MAC users some attention. Maybe a Mac version next year when the PS4 comes out!
  9. I like the ideas of showing her vulnerability thru the limping (RE like), but I think it would distract from the TR "feel." I think the blood is good, but what would be even better is broken bones! You know how when she falls from REALLY high places she does her "death scream" and ends up like a twisted Gumby, well why not have a few bones sticking out from her deformed body? I know it sounds gross, but it would be realistic. Back to the topic at hand, the pick-ups.... well, I think an inventory choice before the level starts, say at the mansion, would be cool as it would change the way the game is played. Medpacks and ammo she could get from fallen enemies after she swiss cheeses them with her dual pistols (those will be be back right?). For the levels or areas with no enemies, she could use herbs..... but because they're herbs maybe they only restore partial health (like the small medpacks). As far as ammo, when in these areas couldn't she just use her pistols? or is there no unlimited ammo? Also, as a side note... what if they included side missions, where the reward was more ammo, upgrades, health etc.?
  10. Okay, so I read the article, very interesting. One thing I noticed was the info about "Thor's Hammer." It says, "give its wielder the power to destroy the gods." Now I know there has been speculation about the return of Natla and this could allow it be plausible. Some suggest she can't return as she was killed by a pillar, while others argue she is/was a God and therefore is immortal and can't be killed. So here's where I'm going with this..... If they revamped Lara's bio and history, then theoretically they could reintroduce Natla and Lara could use the "hammer" to dispose of her. Now how this would fit into a sequel of Legend and Lara trying to find her mother in Avalon.... well, I leave those theories to someone else.
  11. Speaking of AOD.... I was looking for the song AOD by Alex C. (track 10 in AOD music collection) in a mp3 format so I could import to Itunes. (I'm computer stupid.) Anyway, finally found a site that lets you download the full song in mp3 format. Just FYI. http://aimini.net/view/?fid=bStBlC2KspBV9ExKdvuQ
  12. I found myself in the same predicament. I was able to reach the alcove without the whole boat ledge thing by swinging on the middle rope used to get above the waterfall. I positioned myself in the direction of the alcove, got as low as possible on the rope and just jumped for it. I jumped just before she reached the peak of the arch and just kept aiming for the aclove mid air. Low and behold she ran into the alcove. I know you've finished the game, but maybe it will help someone else.
  13. Thanks. I somehow managed to get to the horsemen without the dodge thing but that fight forced me to get it. And yeah, once I got it , the fight was mush easier.
  14. Just in case anyone else is having trouble..... I found a rock/ledge next to one of those spiked wheel things. Unfornately I don't know which one, I ran the paremeter jumping mad trying to get away and found it. It's more of a rock outcropping next to the spiked wheel. It doesn't look safe but the T-rex is to big to fit and he just sits there trying to get you. I unloaded the pistols on him for about 5 minutes trait. It took a while but was I was able to save ammo and HEALTH. That dodge thing is too hard for me. Hope this helps.
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