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  1. whaaat!! no DLC for underworld? that sucks but i guess having all the games in 1 disk is a good thing
  2. what it says on the tin.... mine would have to be FF7 because it pretty much started everything of what would be standard of todays games!! and also, its my fave RPG!! now your turn
  3. yes!!! no more harpoon guns!!! i want this game now!!!
  4. the demo is really good!!!!! i got up to the boss then it cut off. :[
  5. TRA for wii looks weird!!!! i mean it was bad enough trying to grapple in the PS2 version so why make it harder for your self!! the wii in the uk is £180 (for $ times by 2)
  6. i liked them in TRL but i found that they were basically telling you what to do... the old TRs i think are better caus you dont know whats next (if you remember of course;))
  7. i hit yes for a number of reasons 1. lara on hi-def...MAJOR! 2. i think the ps3 is better than the xbox 3. all the games are going ps3 so why wait? unless you cant offord it
  8. omg! it feels like christmas again! i can hardly contain my excitement! it looks so good!!!
  9. of course it wasnt real!! why would lara love a man who cant even defend himself?? only has 1 gun and cant even use that circle throw thingy!! and besides, i if tr6 was different, i dont think that kurtis would of been featured anyway!!
  10. i <3 the new outfit!! i hope there is a swimsuit in tr8!
  11. hey ps2 users, there is going to be a realease but its later than the next-gen consoles...much later [by 6 months]
  12. i think he should go on a fat diet and smoke 1005456986651212556 cigarettes a day..so we could get rid of him!! hehe >
  13. ah...this one took ages for me. the cage you pulled out to get at a switch; you push it under the pillar nearest the 'secret ledge' when the 'pillar rising' switch is pulled. then you jump across the pillars to grab your prize! hope that helps!
  14. due to annoying glitches i would say about 40 poss 50... 1st time round
  15. thanks guys for the feed back. to the '1st postee' i heard a rumor in school so i just wanted to see if it were true! now i wont have to cash in on a new tv!
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