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  1. 13. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 17. Django Unchained 37. Jerry Maguire 59. There's Something About Mary 61. The Fugitive 62. 12 Monkeys 75. Coco
  2. 20. Stand By Me 25. The Shawshank Redemption 85. Minority Report 91. Robocop
  3. 17. The Martian 40. The Neverending Story 47. The Ring 70. Pinocchio 71. The Blair Witch Project 86. The English Patient 92. Star Wars: A New Hope 121. The Silence of the Lambs 123. Bee Movie 128. The Sword in the Stone
  4. Finished the game finally This screenshot amuses me because Lara's hair standing up makes her look like a unicorn. Stats: I am not good at finding secrets... Also, I made a video to demonstrate my EXCELLENT rope swinging skills.
  5. I'm just at the bit with the Minotaur, so I gave the motorcycle bug a try and it worked great No more annoying Minotaur! 👍 And of course I just had to do the setting Lara alight and running to trigger a cutscene thing in the Citadel Gate
  6. I'm still slowly making my way through the game too, working on the Alexandria levels at the moment. I love this cheesy animatronic mummy in the Egyptian Adventure Can't say I'm that impressed with the rest of the Egyptian Adventure. Way too many spike traps, I'm pretty sure it violates all sorts of health and safety rules. 1/5 stars, would not recommend. These elemental things are so annoying, with their creepy little faces... Oh, I just found the lost Library of Alexandria? Better take a crowbar to it!
  7. An invisible enemy in the Great Hypostyle Hall
  8. Great to see you too - group plays are always fun I'm a bit late to the party because it took me a while to get Fraps and Shadowplay to work with it so I can take videos and screenshots if I need to (I'm using DGVoodoo2, together with the widescreen fix).
  9. I've taken this opportunity to set up TR4 on my Windows 10 PC finally Of course I had to mess around with this jeep when I went through the Valley of the Kings...
  10. I love Easter! I've been stuffing myself with chocolate all day
  11. Nice meal! Happy birthday!
  12. I'm going to avoid the crowds too and go in the week after Christmas I think.
  13. 2. The Terminal 3. Bend It Like Beckham 18. Get Out 54. The Girl on the Train
  14. There were a couple of dinosaurs in the first level of Tomb Raider 2 (two T-rexes). Tomb Raider 3 also had dinosaurs, in the second level of the South Pacific section (velociraptors, a T-rex and some little compies), and the South Pacific section also has some treehouses.
  15. 11. Out of Africa 17. Hidden Figures 24. The Fugitive 41. The Truman Show
  16. I haven't seen The Persuaders, but I've watched The Saint and I still catch it on TV when it's being repeated.
  17. 2. There's Something About Mary 23. Brave 50. Kill Bill Vol 1
  18. Awesome, happy birthday to Lara and LCO!
  19. Yes, very nice! I'm going to check out all those old TR videos that I haven't seen in years
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