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  1. Perhaps he needed a battery? Just needs some dissimilar metals, like zinc and copper for electrodes. Then he would have a Lemon Battery.
  2. 27. That windy movie chic with the red shoes. Wizard of Oz.
  3. Crap. I’ve watched that like 50 times. How could I missed it. 😆
  4. what? Is the part where he is hiding in the corn fields to escape the biplane that is shooting at him, he flags down the tanker and the plane crashing into it. 100% this is the NbyNW. Is one of the few movies i have on my iPad, so i watched it many times.
  5. Yeah, like Morph said, don't delete anything in the WinSxS folder. This folder is the broken windows architecture bandaid system. 🤣 There are 100s of slightly different versions of same library file in that directory. There should only be one version of each library file. But over time they broken backwards compatibility. Say some old game program (TR3?) would draw a window on the screen, it would call the drawWindow function in draw library file and it would do the expected operation. But over time Microsoft made changes to how and what the drawWindows does in that file. The changes to these files are for security updates, new versions of windows, new features etc. . . . But these changes can causes your old game program to fail or crash or whatever. SO Microsoft sticks every version of the file in the WinSxS, then for compatibility. This way the old game can load the exact version of the library that existed when it was original released. They made thousands of changes, so there are thousands of files. This help us to run all our old TR games on our WIn10 PCs BTW 13Gig is not much space anymore, SSD are really cheap. Given the backward compatibility is good with Windows, the loss of 0.013% (13/1000) of my 1T drive for these files is nothing. Apple computers have crap backwards compatibility, their programs ran on PowerPC CPUs in Macs; about 2005 they changed to Intel. Your TR3 for 1998 PowerPC Mac would not work on your newer intel CPU Mac. Most of my old ipad apps no longer run on the new ipad OS. But i can run my original 1998 TR III CD in my Windows 10 64bit os with a few patches.
  6. Mick


    " Whose job was it to attach the passenger to the glider? " Obviously the qualified pilot, the guy who is attached and wearing the green helmet. The other guy, the one hanging on for dear life was a paying customer. This is a very serious mistake that the pilot made. They have these tandem flights at Stanwell Park where I used to fly my hang glider. One of my exgf wanted to try it, so I paid for a tandem flight for her, she said it was awesome and terrifying at first. If you get change to tried it, you should. Remember to check he clips you in Here are some youtubes of the world famous flying site. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Hang+Gliding+Stanwell+Park
  7. Yup, is already 1 hour and 35min into 2019. Watched the fireworks over Sydney Harbour ✨ Happy New.
  8. Is this another guess the title of the movie quiz?
  9. Media is suggesting they using F/A-18s so maybe the twisted logic works. Old planes for old actors for a movie made way too late 😝
  10. 45. MacGyver. . . ? i did not know they made a movie.
  11. 38. Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi I thought it was this even without the clue, but i was not so sure without watching it again.
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