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    Hi, my name is Jason Miller, I'm 18 years old and I live in Pennsylvania, USA.<br />I have strong opinions but I pretty much mind my own business and accept people for their own opinions. I enjoy friendly debates and casual conversations, and I'm not afraid to tell people exactly what I think.<br />I loved Tomb Raider Legend, I think it and Tomb Raider Anniversary were brilliant, and I can't wait for Tomb Raider Underworld.
  1. It sounds like it's still in very early stages of developement.
  2. Those are the hottest things I've ever seen. I've always wanted to draw like that. I haven't drawn Lara in forever though.
  3. I think she was just toying with him. It's obvious he was attracted to her (who wouldn't be?), and she was probably attracted to him, but I don't think they got along very well, especially at first. Lara's such a tease though and I think she enjoyed the company. She's not one for a man though. Her life is dedicated to the thrill of raiding tombs.
  4. I find that once characters serve their purposes they're subject to being killed. Anyone who watches Lost, 24, or Heroes would just accept that as a fact by now. And I should point out that a lot of people didn't like Alistar, so that's another reason to dispose of him. Of course, there are those characters who are cast for the sole purpose of being killed off later... that's just a shame, but it keeps that drama wheel rolling.
  5. Well yeah, but aside from the fact that this discussion is dead, if we "calmed down" and "got over it" on every subject we wouldn't have much of a forum now would we. This is a place for discussion, and though I admit, I have probably been one to say things like that myself, I realize now that I shouldn't. The pointless discussions are the ones I usually find the most interesting for some reason, and since people don't have pointless discussions about the mispronunciation of Lara's name in every day life, I tend to take that topic to an online forum dedicated to Lara Croft.
  6. I'd chew off my right arm for any one of those, mate.
  7. It's hard to say exactly... I beat it in less than a week, but I could only play it when my Mom was available (she likes to watch) and our schedules conflicted a bit. I could check the ingame statistics(if there are any) but I've already played a bit more to get the secrets so I don't think that it'll be accurate anymore.
  8. Oh yeah, he's a dead duck. MsCroft explained it very well. He basically meant, "see you in the afterlife..." but avalon/hellheim aren't actually the afterlife... more like a mystical underground cavern. The Underworld, as it were.
  9. I SOOO wanted to go out in that today! It would be a real adventure. I wanted to put myself in danger, just for the fun of it, but sadly, I never got out today. What a pain. It was kind of a boring day actually. But it really is dangerous out there. I read that one guy was killed by being trampled on by so many customers. That's a little disturbing. They didn't care about anything but they're shopping. They didn't even care that they were trampling on and killing a human being. They HAD to have known he was under their feet...
  10. Parts of it were so amazing, I can't imagine playing it on anything but the PS3, honestly. The graphics were one of the best parts. Though it's definitely not going down in history like I thought before...(I was high on life that day, I just bought the game. LOL) I am a little miffed by a few things, beating it in about a week is one of those, however! Parts of it were worth the wait, I believe, and it seemed to be leading up to a completely different storyline for Tomb Raider 9. =D The thing about playing it on the PS3 is that I would expect them to include a bit of movement from the controller, like when balancing on beams in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Something like that. It didn't really have any of that. It should have had more features that had to do with the PS3 itself, or else it just turns out to be the same thing as playing it on the PS2.
  11. I was JUST reading about this in a magazine today! It looks awesome, but I'm a tad skeptical for some reason. I really want to play it, and I hope it's as cool as it looks.
  12. I usually don't stop playing until I get everything, but I lack a bit of motivation right now. I can only explore the jungle and underwater parts for so long!! There are parts of the game that were really awesome, I liked picking my outfit at the start of the level as well, but I still wanted to unlock some new outfits too...
  13. Sometimes Eidos seems like a bunch of ruthless money-hungry power-thirsty men. However, I love TRU so far. I can't imagine anyone giving it a low score. I was wondering why Game Informer didn't review TRU though the month it came out... perhaps it'll be in next month's issue.
  14. I bought my PS3 SPECIFICALLY for this moment in history... and yes, this moment will be remembered in history as the month that the greatest video game to ever hit the shelves finally came out and it will probably remain at the top of the list(like Titanic at the box office!!). <That's me since I bought TRU. Oh and don't get it on Wii! I heard there's a glitch where you get stuck in a room with no way out...
  15. I failed to preorder it... I failed to get it the day it came out... but then, alas, on that fateful payday, I bought it from Gamestop, and got a nice little job application to go with it. Yeah, I hate my job now. Anyways, I think it's my favorite Tomb Raider EVER so far. I mean, it's great, the huge open areas free to explore, the fluid movements, the way Lara reacts to the environment around her! It's everything I hoped and more! Bloody brilliant, I must say. It's definitely changed the video gaming experience for me. I even like it better than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune!
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