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  1. For some reson like the AOD lara, she's modern but also young. but i'm not so keen on the game
  2. Well its not as easy as legend or anniversary, but its not that difficult. its just the bengal tigers are quite hard, especially when there's several of them!
  3. Same! I love Resident evil a teeny tiny bit more than TR, Leon's my favourite character. You should see the films, THEY ARE SO AWSOME!
  4. I've got that game, its really good but i'm stuck on this boss and i can't get past it so i just gave up.
  5. WOW!! I wish i had as much lara stuff as you. Consider yourself lucky
  6. YES, I downloaded the demo and played it, its sooo cool!! Can't wait till November 21st
  7. but how d'you get the demo for the xbox 360? i really want it!!!!!
  8. On story mode the mansion gets destroyed cuz i saw this clip where she was in the mansion and everything was on fire! And zip tried to shoot lara!
  9. Has anyone here got sonc rush adventure on DS. its really cool tell me what you think of it.
  10. I think that it should have music on the bosses. Like the boss music from sonic rush adventure which is like rock/pop music. that would be cool
  11. That's not fair I want one as well!! But congratulations,im so envious!!
  12. Oh god, not another one! I don't like Halo Lara is so much better!
  13. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I can't wait till Tomb raider underworld comes out!!!! I'm erupting with exitment!!!!
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