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    I love TR and the Sopranos. my favorite bands are Green Day and Motley Crue. Huge Sweeney Todd fan! Don't forget Batman!
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  1. 12) Fifty Shades of Grey 19) A Most Violent Year 22) Blue Valentine 25) Pulp Fiction 41) Kingsman 49) Midnight Cowboy 55) Collateral
  2. Tempus fugit indeed. She's come a long way. Happy birthday Angelina, still as beautiful as ever inside and out. I'm glad she's in a happy place now.
  3. 1) Borat 4) Interstellar 8) The Imitation Game 16) Wild 20) Public Enemies 21) Foxcatcher 23) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 38) The Theory of Everything 39) Black Swan 43) The Prestige 44) Unbroken 55) Exodus: Gods and Kings 58) The Shining 63) Evita
  4. 10) Inglorious Basterds 28) The Truman Show 30) Twilight 32) Machete
  5. Birdman is amazing, I'm glad it won instead of boring Boyhood. I agree that Rosamund should have won, but Julianne is due for it I guess.
  6. 2) Rebel Without a Cause 3) Raging Bull 4) Father of the Bride 5) Easy A 6) Boyhood 11) Salt 16) Jersey Boys 18) Gone Girl 19) The Devil Wears Prada 24) Gambit 52) Lincoln 53) Argo 59) Austin Powers: Goldmember 60) Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  7. 13) The Fault in Our Stars 33) Cabaret 43) Let's Talk About Kevin 49) Elizabeth 59) The Shawshank Redemption
  8. My boyfriend and I played GOL and had a blast, so we'll be playing this eventually. Not sure when though, probably have to wait a few months for me to get a PS4.
  9. Is 37 Annie Hall or Mighty Aphrodite? For some reason I feel like it's a Woody Allen movie.
  10. 9) American Psycho 17) Edge of Tomorrow (or it's other name Live Die Repeat) 51)Se7en 54) Maleficent 61) The Pianist 68) The Dictator
  11. The only one of those films I've seen is Thor. But I was still able to enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy. For some reason the Marvel films haven't appealed to me very much.
  12. I agree Caity that the Coliseum level is spooky. I always freak out when some gorillas come at me out of nowhere lol.
  13. 23) Under the Skin 34) Analyze This 35) The King of Comedy 51) Batman Returns
  14. 2) Moulin Rouge 3)Say Anything 14) Lone Survivor 55) The Expendables 68) Marie Antoinette
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