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  1. 2. In The Heat Of The Night 30. Catch Me If You Can 67. Atomic Blonde 78. Cabin In The Woods
  2. 08. Hook 12. Suicide Squad 13. American Psycho 15. Taxi Driver 20. Austin Powers in Goldmember 21. Bridesmaids 23. Doctor Strange 32. Bedazzled 35. Wonder Woman 37. Doctor Dolittle 43. Holes 48. Beverly Hills Cop 52. Iron Man 55. Happy Gilmore 57. Ted 74. The Terminator
  3. Fairuza Balk! She's great, but not Lara Croft. I could imagine her in more of a Jen Tate from Primal role.
  4. Angelina absolutely nailed the role perfectly. I hadn't heard much about Alicia Vikander before Tomb Raider either, but she's very good.
  5. Alicia Vikander is confirmed to return as Lara. In fact, the film's original release date was March 19th, 2021. Ultimately canned due to COVID-19 and the writer and director leaving the project. Misha Green is now writer and director. I'd very much like to see how they plan on creating a unified timeline, because my mind is already picking it to pieces, haha.
  6. Very cool! I can't tell you much about it except what you already know. They were indeed limited to 150 copies for Tomb Raider Chronicles. I think originally they were sealed with a sticker that had the Tomb Raider Chronicles logo.
  7. 10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 11. Dreamgirls 17. Message in a Bottle 20. The Grinch 38. Platoon 40. A Christmas Carol 46. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets 48. There's Something About Mary 52. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 60. Love Actually 61. Friday The 13th
  8. I could see it now, just all "take the wheel, sweetheart...I'm building a jigsaw in the back".
  9. What an absolute a**hole! Starve a child until she works out a can opener...how about show her! Also, even if she got it open, unsupervised at a stove at nine? Step away from the oh-so-important jigsaw for ten minutes and feed your child, you a**hat!
  10. 01. Prometheus 07. Airport 12. The Bucket List 29. Get Smart 51. The Grudge 54. Trading Places
  11. 03. Tropic Thunder 04. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 05. Dark Shadows 06. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 07. Planes, Trains & Automobiles 14. The Jungle Book 22. Brave 24. Team America: World Police 32. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 33. Elf 44. Meet The Fockers 45. Panic Room
  12. 12. Palm Springs 13. Zodiac 15. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 20. Annihilation 21. The Aviator 34. The Pianist 51. Blue Crush
  13. 03. Fletch 29. Legally Blonde 30. No Country For Old Men 32. Bad Boys For Life 33. Liar Liar 37. Hook 54. Starsky & Hutch
  14. 09. Sin City 10. Little Nicky 16. Mean Girls 18. Changeling 22. Erin Brockovich 24. The Other Guys 45. Zootopia 48. The Hangover 50. The Goonies 52. Speed Racer
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