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  1. Looks great, but an actual classic outfit would have been fantastic.
  2. I agree with you J7! It's completely unfair to the kids who have worked hard to get in to good colleges, worked their butts off for scholarships, or they and their families scrape up the tuition fees! 100% unfair that these people throw bribe money at people to get their kids what they want and make their problems go away! Will there be action against whoever accepted these bribes too? I hope so!
  3. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    That is just appalling service, and I'm glad you took it further. Some people just don't deserve the positions they have.
  4. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    Thanks J7. I think I'm going to give my notice and move on -- I was actually thinking about a note I found the other day from one of the other employees mentioning they won't be available next month as they're heading overseas for a holiday. I also noticed on the roster that they've been given the extra shifts which I would usually be given, such as lunch covers...so they'll be wanting me to do cover next month, I guarantee it, and it hardly seems fair that I should have to struggle for the month while someone else makes extra money to go on holiday. Like you said J7, cover so they can go all Ferris Bueller. Oh, and another one was being told that I need to get my KPIs up -- well that's very hard to do when you get three hours a week, and at hours when there are hardly any customers.
  5. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    I've been told is it's "due to budgeting", which is ridiculous, and that's from the manager, who got it from the area manager, who got it from head office. And the three hours a week I've been given are just the hours that nobody else wants. I know for a fact that I am the only employee who has this single shift a week, everyone else has quite a full week in comparison. I honestly don't feel wanted there. I've applied for several other positions, and have had a couple of interviews, so I have my fingers crossed.
  6. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    I'm currently torn between leaving my workplace or staying on and biting my tongue. For the last six months I have worked my butt off there (even though I have been ill), to the point of covering shifts, swapping shifts if requested, running the store by myself for late night shopping, etc. I even jumped in to cover the absence of the manager and 2IC for over two weeks, assisting in covering their hours and workload. Last week everything went back to normal, and I received my roster for the month...one shift a week, for three to four hours.
  7. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    It's exactly the same as being asked to leave customer feedback to a large company -- nobody cares.
  8. You'll get to it J7! It's a real experience though, absolutely perfect.
  9. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    Very annoying! I politely told the last one to get a real job that doesn't involve pestering people, and that if they called me again I'd be placing a complaint with the AEC informing them that their political party is making unwarranted calls to solicit votes at the next election. Tax dollars hard at work.
  10. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    I've been getting a lot of calls and texts from political parties requesting me to do surveys and 'vote for them' at the next elections lately. Funny, I don't recall giving them permission to contact me, let alone try to solicit a vote from me.
  11. I probably would have guessed I Know What You Did Last Summer, but it's been a long time since I've seen that one! 😂 Thanks J7!
  12. I am now on my third play through...Capcom have really nailed it. Fingers crossed they have RE3: Nemesis on the table for the REmake treatment next!
  13. When you see that 503 error and have minor freak out, haha.
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