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  1. Nooo! I'm going to miss playing! Thank you for all the fun with the film quizzes!
  2. I'm so excited, I love the John Wick series! The first one especially is a masterpiece. And anything Tim Burton makes, I will watch.
  3. It's not my kind of music, that's for sure. ? I first heard her on Alita, she did the theme song for that.
  4. I knew Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City was going to be terrible before I watched it. And that was purely based on the trailer showing the casting and the plot. And when I watched it, it was even worse than I thought and definitely not made "for the fans". Couldn't it also be argued that taking existing characters and changing them to check boxes is racist, prejudice, ignorant? I thought the trailer for the series had some merit at first. From what I'd seen it was new characters and, hey, Lance Reddick! Love him! But stuff like this...just...what? Why?
  5. True Lies!? Not only does that look like garbage, but why did it have to be True Lies? That could be any generic spy series with its own title, characters and plot. Like, we're supposed to believe they're even remotely like the original Harry and Helen? Arnold and Jamie Lee! C'mon! Some things are better left alone. Like Resident Evil. Just stop. I won't even watch it...especially after the last thing they called a film...and this is just laughable, as you said J7, it's all about ticking boxes.
  6. 16. There's Something About Mary 54. National Lampoon's Vacation 57. 127 Hours 59. Boss Baby 75. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  7. 10. Spider-Man Homecoming 42. Meet The Parents 65. City Slickers 73. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  8. 03. The Nutty Professor 04. Zoolander 07. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 10. Superbad 21. 8 Mile 25. Bad Grandpa 29. Frozen 39. The Waterboy 53. The Wedding Singer 66. Free Guy 82. The Lost City 84. The Mask
  9. Can't help but notice the Angel of Darkness statue in the background there...I can only dream that's foreshadowing of a remake. Either way, exciting news that the next game is in the works!
  10. That whole fiasco was definitely a publicity stunt. What a milestone...I forget The Godfather is 50 years old!
  11. I'd like to see a proper sequel built on a new engine with the visual and mechanical capabilities we have available now before anything else.
  12. I didn't notice until it was on the big screen, haha.
  13. 01. The Man With Two Brains 13. Baby Driver 17. Zombieland 23. Meet The Millers 24. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events 33. Aeon Flux 38. Atomic Blonde 39. Bad News Bears 63. The World's End 64. The Boondock Saints 66. Johnny Mnemonic 71. The Black Knight
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