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  1. Cookies (which are used to keep you logged in) are domain based so the forum will of tried to find a cookie for laracroftonline.net on your computer, found there wasn't one as the old was for laracroftonline.com and as such assumed you were logged out and asked you to log back in again.
  2. Hello Everyone! Thought I'd post this to keep you all in the loop so to speak as the nameserver change hasn't propagated over yet for Tom. Sorry for the downtime over the past 36 hours or so, a host change has been in progress. I was giving Tom a hand to move it all across and what we thought would be a quick process turned into something that took much longer because of the large amount of data (nearly 30GB!). Anyway, we now have everything moved over and if you are viewing this, the DNS has propagated over for you. I have spent the last 2 hours sorting out databases and other settings that needed changing to suit the new hosting and am confident everything is now working but if you spot anything that isn't, post a reply here and it will get sorted quickly as if by magic The site is a lot faster loading for me that it was on the old server so already it has been a worthwhile move. Best Regards, Craig Brass
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